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Got too much sun?

Ouch! Your skin is red and scorched – sunburn. Now it needs special care. Complementary medicine tips.

Are you scared of flying?

Only one thing can help: good preparation. We'll tell you what you can do and which natural methods you can use to make flying more comfortable.

What is your biological age?

Age is not only dependent on your year of birth. Everyone also has a biological age that is influenced by their lifestyle.

High blood pressure – silent and dangerous

If your blood pressure is too high, it can damage your heart and blood vessels. Why treatment is important and how we support you.

Tips for your travel first-aid kit

These complementary medicine and conventional medicine remedies help to alleviate typical holiday complaints.

Heart attack: a comparison of treatment methods

If coronary arteries are narrow, your heart is not supplied with enough oxygen. This can cause a heart attack. Read on for a comparison of treatment methods.

Cardiovascular disease: statins as primary prevention

Statins lower your cholesterol and are used in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. They are one of the most prescribed classes of drugs. Read on for the advantages and disadvantages they offer.

Finally no more neck pain

Susanne Lanz suffered from neck pain for many years. No treatment worked. The complementary medicine advice line initiated her recovery.

Training with a view

Over 360 running routes in over 120 locations – our Helsana Trails provide great jogging variation. We will present 2 trails to you in detail.

Digital assistants help you with your training

A fitness tracker on your wrist or an app on your smartphone: digital assistants record our personal data and motivate us to exercise more.

Flu vaccination

Get vaccinated or not? Thousands of people catch the flu virus each year.

Select your training programme

For beginners, experienced people or pros: you choose the training unit most suited to your needs. This will strengthen your body and heart.

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