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Find your personal way to balance out stress

Do you feel stressed? High time for a better balance! Tips and inspiration for more relaxation, health and happiness.

Helsana Health Forum 2017

Balance is key: exciting lectures and panel discussions with experts and important figures. On Saturday, 1 July 2017 in the Kursaal Bern.

Sweating provides relief from everyday stress

The training expert, Thomas Mullis, reveals in a video why sport helps to reduce stress and what sports are particularly effective.

Digital detox

Smartphones are everywhere, and we are constantly online. Let go of digital stress. Use our tips and stay offline.

Stress-free for a week

Stress-free for a week

Exercises and methods for relaxation

Pressure to perform, persistent stress and pressure are poison for our bodies. These methods provide more relaxation and mental power.

Timely detection of stress using the stress check

The test aids in the early detection of stress signals. This allows you to take timely measures to reduce stress.

Lavender oil is relaxing and calming

Lavender has a soothing smell, reminiscent of the sun and sea. Its oil also has a calming effect and supports sound sleep.

The Helsana Health Bus is on the road to promote a good work-life balance

On the road for you: the Helsana Health Bus will stop at several locations in Switzerland. Have your work-life balance checked.

The right nutrition to combat stress

Always under pressure? Read the tips from our nutrition expert.

Tips for coping with stress

Relaxation under stress can be learned. You can use these strategies to keep calm and achieve a better balance.

Away with stress

Stress and calm are often close together. These images show just how close.

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