Specialists and managers

We are looking for people who are good at what they do – whether in administration or in management. Good in terms of their expertise and experience as well as their passion and dedication, their ability to show initiative, and their courage to lead the way and take others with them. If this sounds like you, we might just be the perfect match.

We want you just the way you are

The most important quality we look for in our employees is authenticity. Rather than expecting you to fit into a predefined framework as a specialist or manager, we want you just the way you are: inquisitive, keen to get things up and running, but also self-confident enough to stand up for what you truly believe in.

We are not looking for employees to simply do their job, but rather for people wanting to grow and develop with us. And we believe that this comes from inner involvement rather than outer conformity, from a diversity of strong personalities rather than uniformity.

We offer you opportunities for development and an attractive corporate culture

In return, we offer you dynamic opportunities for development in a constantly evolving company and an industry driver. Our mission is to maintain and promote consistently good and affordable healthcare – in the interests of our customers and society as a whole.

This is reflected in our corporate culture: with over 3,000 employees from around 50 nations, diversity is a living reality. We attach great importance to equal opportunities for everyone – irrespective of gender, religion or background. We therefore make every effort to ensure the promotion of women – who ultimately account for two-thirds of our workforce but (still) all too rarely hold senior management positions.

If you value and know how to make the most of your creative freedom, are able to handle change and believe in the importance of showing appreciation and respect even in times of stress, we would love to benefit from your qualities and skills.


Many paths lead to success

The paths to success at Helsana are as diverse and individual as our employees. And good people are needed on all levels. We are looking for employees committed to the lives of our customers – both back and front office. We are looking for specialists whose specific know-how will keep us at the forefront of developments in all areas. And we need managers who are able to shape change together with the people around them and allow these people to excel.

The same applies to all positions: through commitment and initiative, you can shape both our and your future and open up a whole host of varied career paths. The opportunities we offer for development range from vertical growth towards management level to horizontal growth towards becoming sought-after experts in your field, getting actively involved in interdisciplinary projects, or changing departments.

All details on our requirements and the application process can be found in our job advertisements.

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