Occupational health management (OHM) at Helsana

Helsana is committed to actively promoting a healthy working environment. In recognition of our sys-tematic, holistic occupational health management, we have held the “Friendly Work Space” label awarded by Health Promotion Switzerland since 2012.

Your health and effectiveness are important to us

Our occupational health management (OHM) activities have the wellbeing of all employees at their heart. We both encourage healthy individual behaviour and work to ensure that healthy working conditions are in place. Our measures range from prevention, early detection and advice through to support and reintegration.

In order to strengthen our employees’ health and wellbeing in the workplace, the OHM unit invests in health-relevant measures. 


  • OHM offers a wide-ranging preventative programme: We hold internal courses to strengthen our employees’ understanding of health and stress and to train them in stress management, mindfulness, resilience and other health-related topics.
  • The annual programme incorporates preventative and awareness-raising campaigns and kick-off events on health matters.
  • The workplace is designed according to modern ergonomic standards. OHM is available to provide personalised ergonomic advice at any time.
  • Diverse health-related events and services are offered at the main locations, such as sports lessons, massages, physiotherapy and meditation. Our employees can also take up various special offers, e.g. on gym membership or healthcare products.
  • Depending on the location, quiet rooms with loungers, relaxation boxes, meditation and yoga rooms, sports facilities, showers, and recreational spaces such as rooftop terraces are provided.
  • Our staff restaurants also provide healthy, balanced meals.

In order to provide the best-possible support to our employees, OHM offers free internal and external advisory services. OHM also trains our managers in early detection.

  • Employees can receive individual, confidential advice from an OHM specialist in healthcare coaching sessions. Support is available in relation to work/life balance, stress, and physical and mental health.
  • If an employee or one of their family members wishes to speak anonymously to a professional about a stressful situation or personal crisis, our free external counselling service is available to them.
  • We also offer advice and support around childcare and care of relatives.
  • We train our managers in health-conscious leadership and early detection, teaching them to apply a sensitive management style and to recognise and address stressful situations as early as possible.
  • We systematically support teams in relation to stressors such as business interruptions and time pressure.

Our OHM unit emphasises early detection and provides proactive support to employees. 

  • We work with an absence management system to identify in good time where a need for support exists.
  • If one of our employees becomes ill, we place great importance on professional support and coordinate their reintegration into the workplace – so that the best-possible solution for all involved can be found.


Sandra Schwendener, Head of Occupational Health Management Sandra Schwendener, Head of Occupational Health Management

Sandra Schwendener, Head of Occupational Health Management

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