Your work environment and collaboration with colleagues

Our work environment supports equal measures of flexibility and collaboration. Spaces focused on activity, modern meeting zones and the option to work from home enable innovative, creative and productive work. We will of course provide you with all the tools you need for hybrid collaboration, and you will be trained on how to use new work tools and any software.

Flexible work

In our modern workspaces, you can actively shape your working day. Desk sharing allows you to sit next to different colleagues. In the creative spaces, project teams can work together and inspire each other. And if you need a bit of peace and quiet, you can work in one of the “Silent Rooms”.

Work from home

Being able to work from home is a very important requirement in today’s world – and this is also true for Helsana employees. We take this need into account in our working from home principles. All employees can work from home for up to 60% of their workload. Your equipment (laptop, MS Teams, Outlook on a mobile phone) allows you to work from anywhere in Switzerland.

Cross-divisional collaboration

The better you know and understand your counterparts, the easier it is to work together. Thanks to our diverse internal internship program and the flexible workplace concept, you get an ideal insight into the tasks of other organisational units and can expand your network. In our “work date programme”, you can get to know your colleagues over an informal coffee or game of table football.

Shaping the company together

Our employees shape the company and develop Helsana. Representatives from a diverse range of areas and language regions actively work together on important projects, such as the Strategy 2020+, designing the new room concepts, and creating the principles of collaboration.

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Ivona Stanic, HR Consulting Ivona Stanic, HR Consulting

Ivona Stanic, HR Consulting

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