Development at all levels is important to us

We wish to promote health and wellbeing and to work with our customers as a long-term partner. As an employer, we actively support and ensure that everything is in place to facilitate staff develop-ment.

Taking active control of one’s own development

When an employee actively takes charge of their own personal development, this can unlock previously untapped potential and resources. We regard the ability to self-manage as a key ingredient in an individual’s own career and in our success.

Development takes place to a large extent through day-to-day work, when someone takes on new duties or switches to a new role. We support this development via a broad array of measures:

  • Internal specialist and management courses and over 200 e-learning opportunities
  • Scope for external training, potentially with financial support or time off work
  • Individual coaching programmes
  • Insights into other departments through placements

Supporting employee development

Support from our managers assists employees in defining their objectives, shaping their own individual development process and regularly discussing and reviewing their progress.

It is important to us in our management activities that we actively involve employees in decision-making processes, pass on responsibility and foster personal responsibility. That is why employees’ objectives are clearly formulated, challenging and inspiring.

Naturally, we support our managers through targeted management coaching, training and tools. Specialists in team development and change processes provide guidance when changes are planned.


Christine Treml, Head of HR Development Christine Treml, Head of HR Development

Christine Treml, Head of HR Development

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