A world full of opportunities

With over 3,000 employees and a complex system of interlinked divisions and processes, we have virtually become a world unto ourselves. Yet rather than revolving around ourselves, we are committed not only to the lives of our 1.9 million insured persons, but also to society as a whole – as a key player in the Swiss healthcare system. As an employer, we offer a world full of exciting opportunities.

Our business divisions at a glance

In the business division Client Services & Benefits (BD CS&B), empathy is just as important as efficiency. For with 200,000 insurance claims per week, our customers not only rely on prompt settlement, but also on us handling their claims with a great deal of empathy, if necessary.

Just as much sensitivity is required in Services Contracting for negotiating benefits and tariffs with doctors, clinics and pharmaceutical companies, or for helping promote the health of company employees within the scope of Services and Benefits Management. Our Client Services staff bear a particular responsibility. They are the face, ears and voice of the company vis-à-vis our customers. Their willingness to provide personal advice to the best of their ability directly reflects our promise: “Committed to life.”

The business division Information Technology (BD IT) represents the central nervous system of our organisation. Its fundamental task is to enable over 3,000 employees to work efficiently and optimally network – locally, nationally, in the office, in the field or when working from home.

At the same time, our application developers, system engineers and security experts ensure that our 1.9 million insured persons are able to interact and communicate with us easily and securely. Our commitment to life is underscored by agile development methods and solutions, which offer useful and realistic customer benefits: from mobile applications and improved access, to an all-round simple and elegant user experience.

Our social relevance and financial power are down to the trust of 1.9 million insured persons who believe in our capabilities and offers. This trust – and the number of insurance policies taken out – is also based on the impressive efforts of our business division Marketing & Sales (BD M&S).

Our general agencies and sales offices also allow us to personally stay in touch with customers in outlying districts. And our marketing experts help the entire organisation to demonstrate through all communication activities that Helsana is committed to its customers.

Together, we create a basis of trust for offering our customers advice, insurance and support tailored precisely to their needs.

Our business division Finance & Insurance (BD F&I) is the economic backbone of Helsana and covers a wide range of elementary functions – from asset management and actuarial services to payment transactions.

The division brings together our entire accounting, budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting, as well as process optimisation. It also covers underwriting and business intelligence, which gathers and analyses knowledge critical to the success of the company and applies it to operative and strategic planning.

In addition to ensuring our economic efficiency and competitiveness, this business division also bears the great responsibility for ensuring the long-term security of the funds entrusted to us to protect our insured persons.

Our business division Corporate Centre (BD CC) plays a central role in performing interdisciplinary tasks for the whole Group. It incorporates the Human Resources department, which is responsible for recruitment, development and providing optimum working conditions for our employees.

It also sends out a strong signal regarding health policy issues by cooperating and communicating with associations, the authorities and the public on pressing matters. And here is where we advise our employees on all legal matters and protect them against damages from compliance and data protection violations.

The division also includes corporate development, risk management and our medical examination service, which offers us and our customers impartial and independent expert advice in the field of social medicine.


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Christian Wieland - HR Consultant Christian Wieland - HR Consultant

Christian Wieland - HR Consultant

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