As a new customer, to help you find your way around quickly, we have compiled all important information for your start with Helsana on this page. Alongside tips and information related to health insurance, you can find out more here about all the benefits you get to enjoy.

Your insurance card

We’ll send you your insurance card by post. Tip: wherever you are, make sure your Helsana insurance card is always to hand. This will save you time and unnecessary effort when it comes to settlement. By the way, you can find a digital version of your insurance card in the myHelsana client portal app.

myHelsana client portal

Do you know about myHelsana? With the client portal, you can take care of all your health insurance matters conveniently from anywhere.

Your services

Get advice over the phone, notify us of a change of address or change your deductible – you can do all of this and more quickly and easily with Helsana. You can also use the online accident form to report an accident in just a few steps.

An overview of our services

Your discounts from our partners

Get your medication, glasses or medical aids from a partner company and benefit from attractive discounts. By doing so, you help keep current benefit costs and future insurance premiums low. Our partner companies include mail-order pharmacies as well as providers of medical aids such as hip protectors or nursing beds.

Find out more about discounts from partner companies

Digital offers for your health

With Helsana, you benefit from three health apps which can help you achieve your health goals.

Get rewarded for having a healthy lifestyle, taking preventive health measures and connecting with Helsana. Receive cash payments and lucrative offers with the Helsana+ app.

You can complete a wide range of programmes in the app. You will get tips on exercise, nutrition and mindfulness.

It’s a navigation aid, coach and planner all in one: Helsana trails are now available on your smartphone using the app.

Do you know about Helsana trails?

Helsana trails are signposted circuits for power walking, jogging, hiking or simply going for a stroll. There are more than 360 trails to discover at over 120 locations across Switzerland.

Useful information about health insurance

Older woman sitting at a table with a smartphone in her hand

You can find the answers to questions about premiums, ways to save money as well as products and services.

Young man leaning against a balcony rail, gazing into the distance

Learn the difference between basic and supplementary insurance.

Young woman and young man painting a wall

Learn how getting married and other changes in your life can affect your health insurance.

Different countries have different health insurance systems. To ensure that you feel comfortable with us right from the start, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your health. Here you will find important information for newcomers to Switzerland as well as tips on your health insurance.

Good to know

  • If you choose a deductible for your basic insurance that is higher than the statutory minimum of CHF 300, you can save a great deal on premiums.
  • At Helsana, families can take advantage of attractive discounts on supplementary insurance provided at least two people from the same household are insured under the same contract.
  • If you are employed by the same employer for at least eight hours a week, you are insured against both occupational and non-occupational accidents. You can therefore exclude accident cover from the compulsory basic insurance, reducing your basic insurance premium by 7%.
  • To take out supplementary insurance, you must complete a health declaration. This enables the health insurers to estimate your insurance risk and to decide whether they wish to accept or reject your application, or whether pre-existing conditions should be excluded from the insurance coverage. Important: if you want to take out a new supplementary insurance policy, do not cancel the policy from your current insurer until your application has been accepted by your new insurer.
  • If you want to switch your insurance, you should allow sufficient time for this. The admissions procedure can take a little while. You should ensure that you comply with the notice period.
Further information for newcomers to Switzerland

If you have any questions about insurance in connection with your country of residence, please contact our Client Services team directly so that we can take account of your situation and needs in the best possible way. First, here is some important information that applies to all cross-border commuters.

Contact us on 041 844 46 84 47

Treatment in your country of residence

We will send you form E-106 or certificate S1 for international mutual benefits assistance. You should forward these documents to a statutory insurance company in your country of residence. You will then receive a local insurance card for processing treatment costs there. Co-payments are always governed by the rules of your country of residence’s statutory health insurance. You are also subject to the law in your country of residence.

Treatment in Switzerland

For outpatient treatment, you have the option of visiting a doctor of your choice or a hospital from our list. If you receive benefits under compulsory health care insurance, you pay a fixed annual deductible of CHF 300, followed by a deductible of 10% per invoice (max. CHF 700 per year). Please always present your Helsana insurance card.

For inpatient treatment in a hospital, you are insured at most up to the tariff (according to the cantonal hospital list) of the canton in which you work. If you receive benefits under compulsory health care insurance, you pay a hospital cost contribution of CHF 15 per day.

Include family members in your insurance

If you are employed in Switzerland, your family members who are not gainfully employed are also subject to compulsory insurance. This includes minors, adults in education and non-working spouses.

Further information on insurance for cross-border commuters

Helsana blog: health in its many forms

From health tips to interesting facts about our bodies, you can find fascinating articles on our blog.

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Customer magazine “Aktuell”

We inform you about your customer benefits at Helsana, about products and our commitment. We keep you abreast of relevant studies and developments in the healthcare sector – and present helpful services and tips. You receive our customer magazine four times a year by post.

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