Helsana Coach app

Helsana Coach supports you in achieving your personal health goals and boosting your well-being as a result.

Helsana Coach provides background information and answers to health questions. You can complete different programmes in the Helsana Coach app. It offers tips and activities relating to exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. 

Exercising more

Training programmes for strength, endurance and mobility will get you closer to your goal of being more active. 

Eating more healthily

Recipes with information on ingredients, preparation and nutritional values will help you eat more healthily.

Becoming more mindful

These tips and exercises for motivation, concentration, sleep and relaxation will bring more calm into your day-to-day life.

Helsana Coach suggests programmes that optimally support you in achieving these goals. These can easily be integrated into your everyday routine. It also documents your progress. You will receive Plus points in Helsana+ for completed daily sessions and programmes. 

Note: The Helsana Coach app can only be used in combination with the Helsana+ app.

Download the Helsana Coach app

Download the Helsana trails app for free on your smartphone now and start moving! There are plenty of tips and activities for exercise, nutrition and mindfulness for you to use.

Further information

Frequently asked questions

No, you only need a Helsana+ user account to use the app. You can open an account even if you're not insured with Helsana. The account will then be referred to as a “demo version”.

Right away, someone will be at your side to help you achieve your personal health goals: the Helsana Coach is your digital companion and motivator to actively improve your daily well-being. Thanks to the Helsana Coach app, you’ll be able to access more content and information on various health topics (exercise, nutrition, mindfulness). You’ll also benefit from personal recommendations provided by the Coach based on your lifestyle. You can use the Helsana Coach app at any time to track your progress after carrying out training sessions and programmes. As an extra reward, you can earn Helsana+ points for completing various activities in the Helsana Coach app.

No, Helsana Coach is not a medical product and it is not intended to replace a doctor or therapist. Helsana Coach helps you to improve your general health and well-being on a gradual and sustainable basis. If you have an injury or illness or are pregnant and want to use the Helsana Coach app, please contact your doctor first to discuss this.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete – you will find exercises and programmes suited to every fitness level in the Helsana Coach app. You can easily adjust the level of difficulty by using the filter function so you only get appropriate suggestions. Try getting started with a two-week programme for beginners and then increase the difficulty gradually.

Daily session:

A daily session usually consists of various exercises. A programme consists of several daily sessions.


A programme consists of several daily sessions and lasts several days or weeks. To successfully complete a programme, you must complete all the daily sessions it contains.

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