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What eases lower back pain? How can I achieve a balanced diet? How do I deal with my anxiety? Our health consultation service answers these and other health questions from supplementary insurance policyholders free of charge.

In-depth, confidential, tailored to you

Describe your health issues to our health consultation advisors over the phone and get helpful, straightforward information tailored to you and specific recommendations for action as part of a holistic approach.

Good to know

Our advisors are subject to the professional duty of confidentiality. Health consultation is strictly separated from the insurance business. We guarantee that this consultation will have no impact on your insurance.

Our health consultation service can help you with all sorts of health issues, for example:

  • Issues of prevention
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Mental health
  • Dealing with diagnoses
  • Diet, losing weight and exercise
  • Chronic illnesses

Please note: our specialists do not make diagnoses. If you have any urgent medical concerns, you should contact your doctor or our medical advice service Medi24.

Medical advice (Medi24)

Who can use the health consultation service?

All Helsana supplementary insurance policyholders can use this service free of charge.

Our health consultation service will be happy to assist you
058 340 15 69Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. (local rate). By calling Helsana health consultation, you accept the terms of use and privacy policy.
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Legal information

  • Health consultation is a service provided by Helsana Supplementary Insurances Ltd. It is a free service for everyone with at least one Helsana supplementary insurance policy.
  • Please take a few minutes to carefully read through our terms of use and our privacy policy provisions. By calling health consultation, you confirm that you accept these terms.

Our health consultation advisors

Our team of health consultation advisors includes experts from various specialities, all of whom have extensive experience in one or more healthcare professions in Switzerland. You can meet some of them here:

More than 20,000 supplementary insurance policyholders already hold our health consultation service in high regard.

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Frequently asked questions

Health consultation is a free service for everyone with a supplementary insurance policy or daily sickness benefits insurance policy with Helsana.

Our health advisors answer all of your health-related questions, whether it be in relation to stress, diet or exercise or mental health. They can also help you prepare for a consultation with a doctor, deal with a diagnosis or advise you on a recommended course of treatment.

The medical advice service offers certainty if you have symptoms that occur out of the blue. The symptom checker provides an initial evaluation of acute problems. If necessary, you can call one of our medical professionals to discuss your concerns.

More information about medical advice

All our team members have experience in the Swiss healthcare sector across a wide range of medical fields. The team includes nursing professionals, nutritional consultants, psychotherapists, naturopaths and physiotherapists, while others work in the areas of prevention and exercise.

All the information provided is drawn from a pool of specialist knowledge and includes findings from the latest studies. In addition, all health advisors have many years of professional experience in the healthcare sector.

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