Health consultation

We can provide you with an answer to all of your health-related questions, quickly and easily. This means you can actively influence your own health.

Here’s how it works

  • You describe your concern
  • Your case is assessed
  • Recommendations are discussed
  1. You discuss your concerns with our health advisors over the phone.
  2. Our health advisors look into your case. All Health Consultation team members have many years of experience in healthcare professions. They are also supported by a network of experts.
  3. You’ll receive a written personalised assessment within 24 hours. Our health advisors provide you with helpful information and specific recommendations.

We are there for you. Throughout your life. Helping you stay healthy. So that you recover quickly. Or can live a better life when affected by illness.

Legal information

  • Health Consultation is a service provided by Helsana Supplementary Insurances Ltd. It is a free service for everyone with at least one supplementary insurance policy.
  • Please take a few minutes to carefully read through our terms of use and our privacy policy provisions. By calling Health Consultation, you confirm that you accept these terms.
Contact our health advisors
058 340 15 69Monday to Saturday, 6.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. (local rate)

Our health advisors

All our health advisors have many years of experience in healthcare professions across a wide range of medical fields. A selection:

Eveline Tischhauser

Astrid Gabriel

Janine Städler

Clarissa Costa

Frequently asked questions

Health Consultation is a free service for everyone with supplementary insurance. 

Health Consultation answers general health-related questions. We can provide you with answers to all of your health-related questions quickly and easily, whether you’d like advice on nutrition and exercise, on coping with a diagnosis or on a recommended course of treatment.


Our health advisors do not provide diagnoses. If you have any urgent medical concerns, you should contact your doctor or our medical advice service.

The medical advice service offers certainty if you have symptoms that occur out of the blue. The symptom checker provides an initial evaluation of acute problems. If necessary, you can call one of our medical professionals to discuss your concerns.

More information about medical advice

All our team members have experience in the Swiss healthcare sector across a wide range of medical fields. The team includes nursing professionals, nutritional consultants, psychotherapists, naturopaths and physiotherapists, while others work in the areas of prevention and exercise.

All the information provided is drawn from a pool of specialist knowledge and includes findings from the latest studies. In addition, all health advisors have many years of professional experience in the healthcare sector.

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