Medical advice

You know the feeling – something is wrong, but you’re not sure what it is. And you ask yourself, is it just a fever? What does this pain mean? Medical advice from Medi24 can give you answers to exactly this type of question – and more. On the phone or digitally via the myHelsana client portal.

For telephone advice

The medical specialists at Medi24 are on call to provide you with specific recommendations for acute conditions. Any time, day or night – whenever you’re wondering whether you need to see a doctor or not.

Medical advice (Medi24)
0800 100 008Available around the clock (free from a Swiss landline / mobile rates charged by provider)

Important information
By calling Medi24, you are leaving the Helsana environment. The service you are interested in is offered by Medi24, our partner for telemedicine. Your personal medical information that you provide during the call or when using the Medi24 website is securely stored by Medi24. Helsana is not able to access this data.

Digital Services

Checking symptoms, arranging callbacks or sending images: the Medi24 medical advice team also provides you with digital support for acute medical concerns. You can use myHelsana to access the following services easily and conveniently:

The clever way to get a straightforward initial evaluation. Answer around 10 questions and receive a recommendation for your next step.

If you have visible symptoms, you can send a photo to the medical advice service (for eye complaints or skin rashes, for instance).

If required, you can call us and/or arrange a callback at a specific time.

You always have an online overview of your treatments both past and planned.

BeneFit PLUS Telmed customers can extend their appointment slots once. PREMED-24 customers can easily book doctor’s appointments online through the medical advice function (no call required).

Preview image of the homepage of the myHelsana client portal on a smartphone.

How to use the digital services

Simply register with or log in to myHelsana and our services are available to you wherever you are, any time, day or night. Benefit from other myHelsana advantages:

  • View the status of your open invoices at any time.
  • See your current deductibles and excess..
  • Update your personal details.


Medi24 is a telemedicine competence centre. An interdisciplinary team of over 150 specialists, including doctors and nursing professionals, is there to offer help by telephone around the clock, for medical questions in every situation. Medi24 is ideal for health advice outside regular doctors’ surgery hours – and for guidance if you are ever unsure about whether you should to go to a doctor.

The digital services offer quick, easy support in the case of acute medical concerns. You can use various functions which you can find under “Medical advice”.

You can get a quick solution to your concerns and certainty about further treatment steps.

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