Recommend someone and get CHF 100

You will receive CHF 100 for every person that takes out a basic insurance policy and at least one supplementary insurance policy (excluding WORLD, Helsana Advocare PLUS and Helsana Advocare EXTRA) with us on your recommendation.

It’s easy

  1. Complete the online form
    We need your contact details and those of the person you are recommending. Please note: you both have to be adults and have your place of residence in Switzerland.
  2. The person you recommended takes out a policy and you receive your reward
    We contact the person you recommended. If they are interested, we make them an individual insurance offer. You will receive CHF 100 from us as soon as the person we contacted successfully takes out a basic and at least one supplementary insurance policy with us.

Recommend us and earn money


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Participation requirements

1.1 The recommendation or members-get-members programme is a tool for generating addresses in order to reward existing customers who recommend interested persons to the Helsana Group through active word-of-mouth advertising.

2.1 These regulations govern the entitlement to a reward earned by an existing customer of the Helsana Group (hereinafter referred to as “Helsana”) through the forwarding of address data of an interested party.

2.2 These regulations are valid from 1 September 2022 and replace all previous regulations. Helsana has the right to unilaterally change these regulations at any time.

2.3 Helsana reserves the right to replace the gift with other referral gifts at any time or to terminate the recommendation campaign at any time of its choosing. However, recommendations received before such time will of course be taken into account according to the conditions stated here.

3.1 Existing Helsana customers (with an insurance contract relationship) who are resident in Switzerland benefit from a recommendation reward of CHF 100 if the recommended person, the new customer, takes out a KVG basic insurance policy and at least one VVG supplementary insurance policy with Helsana.

3.2 The referred person must be a new customer. The new customer must take out a KVG basic insurance policy and a VVG supplementary insurance policy (and must successfully pass the medical examination) at the same time. Persons who at the time of the referral already have compulsory basic insurance or supplementary insurance with a Helsana Group health insurer are not considered new customers.

3.2.1 KVG basic insurance includes the following models: Helsana Insurance Company Ltd: Compulsory health insurance (OKP), BASIS, BeneFit PLUS general practitioner insurance, BeneFit PLUS Telmed, PREMED-24.

3.2.2 Helsana Supplementary Insurances Ltd: voluntary VVG supplementary insurance, TOP, SANA, COMPLETA, PRIMEO, DENTAplus BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, COMBI, HOSPITAL ECO, HOSPITAL Semi-Private, HOSPITAL Private, HOSPITAL FLEX, HOSPITAL CASA, SALARIA, PREVEA, VIVANTE.

3.3 The new customer’s insurance quote and application form must clearly note the recommendation. For this purpose, Helsana makes a note of the referring customer on every insurance quote issued in response to a recommendation. If the new customer compiles the quote on the Helsana website themselves, they must write the full address, date of birth and (if known) the Helsana insurance number of the referring customer on the printout by hand.

3.4 Only one referrer may exist for each recommendation. In the case of several referrers, the reward goes to the one whose recommendation was submitted to Helsana first.

3.5 The referrer must be a Helsana customer and at least 18 years old.

3.6 Recommendations reported after insurance has already been taken out cannot be considered for this campaign.

3.7 The referrer may not have a contractual relationship with Helsana (exception: insurance contract relationship).

3.8 Only natural persons, and not companies, are eligible to take part.

There is no entitlement to a reward in the following cases:

4.1 Parents may not register their newborns.

4.2 Referrals from parents for their underage children or children living in the same household and insured under the same policy are not permitted.

4.3 New customers may not refer themselves.

4.4 Helsana employees are excluded from this campaign.

4.5 All insurance policies concluded by agents and brokers are excluded from this campaign.

4.6 Cross-border commuters are excluded, as EU-GDPR requirements apply to them.

4.7 Recommendations for the same person via the recommendation programme and the Helsana insurance consultant lead generation campaign are not permitted.

The maximum reward per new person referred is limited to CHF 100.

5.1 Basic reward

KVG basic insurance CHF 50
Supplementary insurance under the Federal Insurance Policies Act (VVG): CHF 50

5.2 Extra reward

The referrer also receives 1,500 additional Plus points credited to their Helsana+ account once a year. The proof needed for these points to be credited is sent to the referrer along with the transfer confirmation. For the points to be awarded, the proof must be photographed and uploaded to the Helsana+ app under the activity “Recommend Helsana”.

5.3 A referrer can make a maximum of 23 recommendations per year.

5.4 A recommendation shall be deemed successful if it leads to the conclusion of a policy in accordance with the entitlement conditions and if the person referred is still insured with Helsana at the time of settlement.

5.5 After successful recommendation, the reward is transferred to a Swiss bank or postal account. The rewards are usually paid on a weekly basis.

5.6 Apart from this reward, the referrer is not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of expenses. In particular, if a contact provided to Helsana cannot be accepted as a new customer, there is no entitlement to a reward.

6.1 Helsana does not owe any social insurance contributions. The referring person alone is responsible for settling accounts with the various social insurance schemes (in particular the Compensation Office and compulsory accident insurance).

6.2 The rewards referred to in section 5 shall include any payable Swiss value-added tax. Any tax obligations (including statements) in connection with these rewards shall be borne exclusively by the referrer.

7.1 The referrer is not authorised to take any further legal or effective action on behalf of Helsana, with the exception of passing on address data.

7.2 In the event of any breach, Helsana accepts no liability whatsoever for the resulting damage.

Our extra little thank-you

If you use our Helsana+ app, you can earn 1,500 Plus points that will be credited to your Helsana+ account once a year when you recommend someone successfully.

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