Powers of attorney

In certain life situations, it is worthwhile granting power of attorney to a person you trust. This makes it possible for all your insurance matters to be taken care of on your behalf. Or give your child access to the Helsana+ bonus programme from the age of 12.

Submit a power of attorney for information and legal acts

To consider your application for a power of attorney, we need a copy of an official identification document (passport, ID, driving licence, etc.) in addition to the form.

Please send your documents to the following address:

Helsana Insurance Company Ltd
PO Box
8081 Zürich

Download power of attorney

Submit power of attorney for participating in the Helsana+ bonus programme

Users of the full version of Helsana+ must be at least 12 years old. The legal representative must provide a power of attorney to use Helsana+, which can be downloaded here. Submit a photograph of this form and of the minor's insurance card via the Helsana+ app. The account will launch in demo mode until the evidence provided has been verified.

Download power of attorney

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