Premium saving tips: basic insurance

Find out here how you can save on basic insurance premiums.

Which insurance model do you have?

In addition to the BASIS standard model, we offer alternative insurance models (AIM) under compulsory basic insurance. With an alternative insurance model, you benefit from having a central point of contact for all health-related matters. You also receive an attractive discount on your basic insurance premium.

To the basic insurance models

How high is your deductible?

If you choose a deductible for your basic insurance that is higher than the statutory minimum of CHF 300, you can save a great deal on premiums.

Choice of annual deductible

Maximum saving*


CHF 500.–

8% discount

CHF 1000.–

20% discount

CHF 1500.–

30% discount

CHF 2000.–

40% discount

CHF 2500.–

50% discount


CHF 500.–

50% discount

You can increase or decrease your deductible on 1 January of the following calendar year. The following deadlines apply:

  • When reducing the franchise: 30 November
  • When increasing the franchise: 31 December

Please note that notification of change must reach us by no later than the last working day before the respective date.

Change deductible

* Maximum saving

It is not always possible to fully utilise the discounts offered by alternative insurance models and higher annual deductibles. The law requires that the reduced premium must be no more than 50% cheaper than the standard premium (including accident cover) with the statutory minimum deductible of CHF 300. In addition, health insurance companies can grant a maximum discount of 70% of the additional risk that policyholders take on by choosing a higher deductible. The additional risk corresponds to the difference between the statutory minimum deductible and the higher deductible selected by the policyholder.

No optional deductibles for basic insurance for cross-border commuters

It is not possible for cross-border commuters to choose their deductible, i.e. they cannot opt for a higher deductible in return for a reduced premium.

Who pays your accident cover?

If you are employed by the same employer for at least eight hours a week, you are automatically insured against both occupational and non-occupational accidents through them. You can therefore exclude accident cover under compulsory basic insurance, reducing your basic insurance premium by 7%.

Change accident cover

Do you know about our discounts for children and young adults?

The Federal Act on Health (KVG) prescribes discounts to keep the premiums for families and young adults as low as possible.

Until 1 January after their 18th birthday, children receive a:

  • 75% discount on their premium. This applies to the 1st and 2nd child.
  • 90% discount on their premium if all children are covered by the same family basic insurance contract. This applies from the 3rd child.

Until 1 January after their 25th birthday, young adults receive a:

  • 20% discount on their premium (25% in Ticino).

The discounts are calculated on the basis of a monthly adult premium.

Are you entitled to a premium subsidy?

If you live in modest financial circumstances, you will receive a financial contribution to your compulsory health insurance premium.

Details about premium subsidies

Are you entitled to supplementary benefits?

If you are entitled to supplementary benefits, you will be reimbursed for healthcare costs. These include the deductible and excess for compulsory health insurance, dental treatment, household help, transport costs and convalescent therapies, among others. 

Good to know: The additional benefits on top of AHV and disability insurance are monthly social insurance contributions. They are awarded when the insured person's pensions and other income and assets do not amount to the minimum required to cover the cost of living.

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