Want to actively contribute to your health? Cover your alternative treatments and health promotion measures.

  • Contributions towards complementary medicine
  • Contributions towards preventative measures
  • Contributions towards health promotion and fitness

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Insured benefits

With SANA supplementary insurance, you receive the following benefits in addition to those covered by basic insurance:

You receive 75% of the costs of outpatient treatments. For inpatient treatments you receive 100% of the costs up to CHF 5,000 per calendar year.

You receive 75% of costs up to CHF 200 per calendar year for health-promoting fitness offers such as weight and endurance training in a gym (gym membership) and many other courses (aquafitness, gymnastics, etc.).

You receive 75% of the costs up to CHF 500 per calendar year for preventive measures such as vaccinations, cardiovascular check-ups, ultrasound examinations, giving up smoking and examinations for the early detection of cancer. 

Advantages for persons insured with supplementary insurance

Ask us your heath questions and get helpful answers.

Collect Plus points worth over CHF 300 every year.

Achieve your goals with our digital health coach.


Frequently asked questions

Supplementary outpatient insurances – also referred to as supplementary healthcare insurances – round out your basic insurance and clos key gaps in coverage. They assume the costs of various treatments such as psychotherapy and complementary medicine and make contributions towards fitness courses and gym memberships, medications, orthodontic treatments and surgeries, rescue costs abroad and much more.

Helsana supports around 70 different alternative treatment methods.

Recognised treatment methods in complementary medicine

There is a broad range of alternative remedies and treatment methods on the market. But not all are reimbursed by health insurance companies. 

When it comes to supplementary insurance, health insurers can choose which treatments they wish to cover. For this reason, insurers generally maintain a list of forms of therapy that they recognise and for which they will assume a portion of the costs.

Helsana works together with a large network of more than 14,000 recognised naturopaths and complementary therapists:

Recognised naturopaths and complementary therapists

Complementary medicine methods are provided by doctors, naturopaths and complementary therapists. Under SANA supplementary insurance, we reimburse treatments performed by therapists who meet our quality criteria and are thus recognised by us for the respective treatment method. on the basis of selected, certified methods and therapists on the ErfahrungsMedizinisches Register (EMR).

Our experts on our complementary medicine advice hotline will be happy to help you choose a suitable treatment and find a recognised doctor, naturopath or therapist

Complementary medicine advice line

We will reimburse you for the cost of complementary medicine where medical necessity has been established. Preventative treatment is not considered medically necessary and will therefore not be reimbursed. The same applies to treatment provided for many so-called wellness disorders, such as stress, tension or fatigue.

If your basic insurance is an alternative insurance model rather than a standard model (e.g. general practitioner, HMO or telemedicine model), then its restrictive provisions (e.g. medical prescription) apply..

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