Baby Package

Babies have specific needs – not least where insurance cover is concerned. In addition to basic insurance, the Baby Package includes key supplementary insurance and offers comprehensive cover in case of illness and accident.

  • Basic and supplementary insurance in one package
  • Can be taken out before the child is born, and without a medical examination

Premium for your baby

Take out the Baby Package or individual components before the birth.

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Insured benefits and advantages

With the Baby Package, you enjoy the following benefits and advantages:

With the BASIS standard model of basic insurance, you can enjoy a free choice of doctor for outpatient treatment at any time and, if necessary, visit a specialist directly.

Our HOSPITAL ECO supplementary hospital insurance gives you a free choice of hospitals throughout Switzerland. It covers the hospital costs that basic insurance does not cover for out-of-canton treatments during a stay in the general ward.

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With COMPLETA supplementary insurance, you receive coverage for remedies and therapy methods provided by complementary medicine, such as osteopathy, kinesiology and Bach flower remedies.

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Thanks to the global coverage abroad from COMPLETA supplementary insurance, you can travel to other countries with your baby without worry. We pay the costs for outpatient and inpatient emergency treatments, transportation and rescue as well as repatriation to Switzerland.

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With COMPLETA supplementary insurance and DENTAplus Bronze dental insurance, you receive contributions towards the cost of braces and other dental treatments.

The civil and motorists' legal expenses cover under our Helsana Advocare PLUS legal expenses insurance is the optimal supplement to the legal expenses cover in health matters and travel abroad under COMPLETA supplementary insurance. Advocare PLUS is moreover free for children up to the age of 18.

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PREVEA Accident capital insurance helps you handle the financial consequences of disability in order to provide a better future for your child.

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Frequently asked questions

Prenatal registration enables you to insure your newborn baby from the very first moment with key supplementary insurance, easily and without a risk assessment. As a result, children who are born with a medical condition also have supplementary insurance cover over and above their basic insurance.

If you do not register your baby until after you give birth, however, a risk assessment is required for most supplementary insurance policies. If your baby has a medical condition, there is a risk your application will be rejected.

The HOSPITAL ECO hospital insurance included in the Baby Package for the general ward with a choice of hospitals in Switzerland can be taken out before birth without a medical examination.


You can apply for HOSPITAL Semi-Private or HOSPITAL Private hospital insurance before you give birth. Please use our contact form for this. Once you have given birth, you will also need to complete a questionnaire on your baby’s state of health. After this has been checked, we will notify you whether your application has been accepted or rejected. If your application is rejected, your child will still be insured with HOSPITAL ECO, provided you registered for the Baby Package before giving birth.

HOSPITAL Semi-Private


In the case of prenatal registration, there is no need to complete a health declaration for supplementary insurance as part of the Baby Package. We guarantee that we will include your baby.

If you apply for additional supplementary insurance, you will need to complete a questionnaire on your baby’s state of health after giving birth. After this has been checked, we will notify you whether your application has been accepted or rejected.

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