PREVEA Accident

Your capital insurance in the event of an accident. One moment of carelessness can change your life from one day to the next. Whether it’s a bad fall, a sports accident or a road accident, PREVEA Accident ensures you and your family are covered if the worst should happen.

  • Financial protection in the event of disability
  • Financial protection for your relatives in the event of your death
  • Choose your insured sum

Protect yourself and your family from the financial consequences of a serious accident. Children, young people in education and students are particularly exposed to financial risk because the benefits under disability insurance (DI) do not adequately cover the consequences. PREVEA Accident covers these with generous lump-sum benefits. These might include modifications at home or family support.

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Insured benefits

We reimburse you for the following services under PREVEA Accident capital insurance:

In the event of disability, you receive the insured sum on a pro rata basis depending on the degree of your physical disability.

In the event of death, the beneficiaries you have identified or your surviving relatives receive the insured sum.

The lump-sum benefits under PREVEA Accident close gaps in insurance cover and secure your life plans even in the event of disability: for example, disabled-access modifications. 

Basic conditions

  • 0–2.5 years of age: death max. CHF 2,500, disability max. CHF 300,000 (with progression up to 350%, max. CHF 1,050,000)
  • 2.5–20 years of age: death max. CHF 20,000, disability max. CHF 300,000 (with progression up to 350%, max. CHF 1,050,000)
  • 21–70 years of age: death max. CHF 300,000, disability max. CHF 300,000 (with progression up to 350%, max. CHF 1,050,000)
  • Over 71 years of age: death max. CHF 20,000, disability max. CHF 100,000. Existing insurances will be reduced accordingly (without progression).

The following are excluded from the insurance: suicide or self-inflicted injury or illness caused intentionally by the insured person or while in a state of intentional total or partial incapacity.

How PREVEA Accident works


Frequently asked questions

Accidents resulting in disability or death often give rise to high uncovered costs – e.g. for professional integration measures, modifications to your house or apartment or ensuring family or household support.


We recommend capital insurance for people with no or insufficient cover from an occupational pension (pension fund). This applies in particular to:


Children and young people

  • If your child becomes disabled following an accident, health insurance will pay for treatments under basic insurance. After that, the child is entitled to care premiums and a helplessness allowance under disability insurance (DI). These amounts are relatively modest and only cover the costs to a limited extent. 
  • The DI pension will not be paid out until the age of 18. The pension amount generally ensures subsistence minimum. Entitlement to a full disability pension starts from a disability level of 70%. This pension equates to a maximum of CHF 28,680 per year (CHF 2,390 per month; status as at 2021).



Students earn little while training or studying for a degree. As such, they receive only a minimal pension under the first pillar (disability insurance) and, at best, the second pillar (pension fund) if they become disabled – and that up until they retire.


Unemployed individuals or part-time workers

They receive minimal protection from social insurance.


Self-employed individuals and employees

They can cover existing insurance gaps with a capital insurance policy.


You decide how to spend the money paid out:

  • In the event of disability: on additional medical measures, professional integration measures or modifications to your house or apartment, for example.
  • In the event of death: on ensuring family care and household help, or on paying uncovered costs that may arise as a result of death, for instance.

  • The generous lump-sum benefit eases the burden on you and your family in the event of disability or death.
  • You can choose different insured sums for disability and death, rising in increments of CHF 10,000.
  • You receive the lump sum independently of any benefits paid out under other insurance policies.
  • You make no long-term commitment and can cancel the policy at any time by giving three months’ notice – without financial penalty.

You will be paid out more than you are insured for according to your level of disability. For instance, where the disability level is 100%, the selected insured sum is more than tripled. You will find a table showing how compensation (lump-sum disability benefit) is calculated according to the progression in the General Insurance Conditions (GIC) under Section 13.

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