Your supplementary hospital insurance with Swiss-wide coverage in the private ward (individual room) at hospitals and with doctors recognised by Helsana, including your free choice of doctor and attractive supplementary insurance benefits.

  • Stay in a private ward (single-bed room)
  • Free choice of doctor throughout Switzerland
  • Entitlement to an expert second opinion

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Insured benefits

With HOSPITAL Private supplementary hospital insurance, you receive the following benefits in addition to those covered by basic insurance:

You receive 100% of the costs for emergency and planned treatments abroad.

100% of the costs in the private ward are covered, including your free choice of doctor and hospital anywhere in Switzerland.

You are entitled to an expert second opinion.

You will receive faster appointments with specialists. 

If you have to be admitted to hospital as an inpatient, you receive up to 120 hours of nanny services per calendar year.

If your child has an accident or becomes ill, you will receive up to 120 hours of KidsCare per calendar year. 

For a home birth or a delivery in a hospital or birthing centre on an outpatient basis, you receive a one-time lump sum on birth of CHF 3,000.

What does your basic insurance cover?

No benefits from the basic insurance. The mother does not receive any maternity allowance on giving birth.

Details about basic insurance

You receive up to CHF 200 per day, for up to 21 days per calendar year, for balneotherapy and convalescent therapy.

If an acute inpatient hospital stay or stay in a convalescent facility can be prevented or at least reduced by medically prescribed household help, then you receive up to CHF 200 per day for up to 30 days per calendar year.

What does your basic insurance cover?

Basic insurance does not cover any costs. Patients who require household help after a stay in hospital have to finance this themselves.

Details about basic insurance

You will receive CHF 240 per day for up to 14 days per calendar year for the costs of room and board while you receive inpatient acute or transitional care in a nursing home.

You receive up to CHF 500 per calendar year when receiving inpatient treatments for travel costs to and from the hospital in Switzerland against submission of receipt (official taxi, Red Cross vehicle or public transport).

What does your basic insurance cover?

The basic insurance contributes to the costs of medically indicated ambulance transport and rescue.

Details about basic insurance

If you decide to stay in a general ward or a semi-private room rather than a private room before being admitted to the hospital, you will be reimbursed for between CHF 1,000 and 3,000.

Requirement: inpatient hospital stay of at least three nights



We no longer offer the following supplementary hospital insurance. You can find information about these products in the respective insurance conditions:

Frequently asked questions

Supplementary hospital insurance allows you to enhance your basic hospital insurance cover for inpatient treatment with benefits of your choice. 

Basic insurance only reimburses you for the tariff set in your canton of residence for your stay and medical treatment in a general ward (multi-bed room), provided the hospital is on the hospital list in your canton of residence or for medical reasons you require treatment in an out-of-canton hospital. You must pay for all extra benefits yourself – such as household help following an acute hospital stay or childcare while you are recovering in the hospital. That is why these supplementary benefits give financial peace of mind.

Free choice of doctor at the hospital means that you are allowed to choose your attending physician at a hospital recognised by Helsana. This means you can have the head physician operate on you, for example.

Please note: if you choose an attending physician that is not recognised by Helsana, you must pay for the costs yourself.

List of hospitals and attending physicians without full cost coverage

Basically you are free to choose the hospital you want anywhere in Switzerland. However, certain hospitals and clinics are not recognised by Helsana. As a result, you may have to pay for some of these costs yourself.

So please ask us before you are hospitalised, whether we will cover all the costs of your hospital stay.

List of hospitals and attending physicians without full cost coverage

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