Overnight stay (outpatient)

There are various reasons why you might need to spend a night in hospital or in a recommended hotel before or after outpatient treatment. You will receive no contribution from basic insurance towards this expense. With PRIMEO supplementary insurance, you can bridge this gap.

Benefits covered by the insurance

CHF 1200.–

There are no medical reasons requiring patients undergoing outpatient procedures or surgery to spend a night in hospital. If, however, you do wish to stay overnight – because you live far away, for instance – you receive CHF 400 per course of treatment up to CHF 1,200 per calendar year to cover overnight stay costs including half board (supper and breakfast).


  • You spend the night at a hospital recognised by us or at a hotel designated by the hospital.
  • You spend the night there immediately before and/or after the outpatient procedure.

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