Premium saving tips: Supplementary insurance

Find out here how you can save on supplementary insurance premiums.

Do you have several family members insured in one contract?

People living in the same household can combine insurance contracts. This includes spouses, registered partners, life partners, children and parents, among others.

What family discounts are available?

  • 5% discount if there are two people in the same household
  • 10% discount if there are three or more people in the same household
  • For Helsana Advocare PLUS and Helsana Advocare EXTRA legal expenses insurance, you get a family discount of 25% if two or more people in the same household are insured under the policy.
  • In the case of PREVEA capital insurance we cannot unfortunately grant a family discount.

How long does your contract last?

For new customers, it’s worth taking out a long-term policy.

Contract duration


1 year

No discount

3 years

3% discount

Good to know

Multi-year contracts always apply to all of the below supplementary insurance products. They cannot be selected per product.

You can take out the following supplementary insurance policies on a multi-year basis: TOP, SANA, COMPLETA, COMPLETA PLUS, PRIMEO, HOSPITAL ECO, HOSPITAL Semi-Private, HOSPITAL Private, HOSPITAL FLEX.

Who pays your accident cover?

You can exclude the accident cover from voluntary supplementary insurance if you have equivalent private accident insurance or are well covered by your employer's accident insurance – for example, for a private or semi-private ward instead of the compulsory general ward in the hospital. This reduces the premium for your supplementary insurance by 10%.

Would you like to agree a hospital deductible?

You can save on semi-private and private hospital insurance by agreeing an annual deductible. This means you assume part of the costs and can reduce your premium.

Choice of hospital deductibles


CHF 1000.–

15% discount

CHF 2000.–

20% discount

CHF 3000.–

25% discount

CHF 5000.–

30% discount

CHF 7000.–

35% discount

If you would like to agree or adjust a hospital deductible, please inform us of this in writing by 31 December at the latest. Adjustments can be made until 1 January of a given year.

Please note that if you wish to reduce or remove an agreed deductible, this contract amendment is dependent on our medical examination and may therefore also be rejected.

Please use the contact form or the myHelsana client portal to tell us about your issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you have legal expenses insurance?

The following discounts are available on Helsana Advocare PLUS and Advocare EXTRA insurance premiums:

Children up to the age of 18

  • Helsana Advocare PLUS and Advocare EXTRA are completely free for children until they reach the age of 19.

Young people from the age of 19 to 25

  • 50% discount

Adults from the age of 26

  • 25% partner discount for two or more adults from the same household who are insured under the same contract as the person paying the premium
Advocare PLUS Advocare EXTRA

Do you want to insure your baby?

If you take out our baby package before your baby is born, you benefit from a variety of types of free cover for a period of months or years.




75% children’s discount (up to 18 years)

Helsana Advocare PLUS

Free up to the age of 18

Baby Package

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