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Basic insurance

Alternative insurance models (AIMs)

When you take out compulsory basic insurance, you can choose an alternative insurance plan instead of the statutory standard insurance plan. Depending on the model you choose, you can receive a discount of 8%, 10% or 15%

Alternative insurance models of the Helsana Group:

Plan Description Premium Discount

Medical consultation service by phone

Whenever you have a medical problem, you must always call the medical advice hotline first to receive non-binding advice.

If necessary, you can then choose a doctor to go to.

At least 8%
BeneFit PLUS General Practitioner

General practitioner/group practice (HMO)

Whenever you have a medical problem, you always contact your chosen general practitioner or group practice (HMO) first.

If necessary, your GP or group practice will refer you to a specialist or send you to hospital.

At least 10%
BeneFit PLUS Telemedicine

Telemedicine model

Whenever you have a medical problem, you always call the independent Centre for Telemedicine first.

If necessary, a medical professional will then refer you to a doctor or specialist, or send you to hospital.


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Alternative insurance models (AIMs) are alternative insurance plans for compulsory basic insurance.

AIMs provide you with the advantage of having a central point of contact for all health problems and generous discounts on your basic insurance premium. However, the medical benefits are the same for all basic health insurance plans.