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HOSPITAL FLEX hospital insurance (flexible choice of ward)

With HOSPITAL FLEX supplementary hospital insurance you enjoy free choice of ward whenever you go into hospital: costs are always fully covered in the general ward. If you would like more comfort, privacy or a free choice of doctor, you can select a semi-private or private ward and share the cost up a set amount.

Summary of the benefits:

  • You are free to choose what type of ward you want every time you are hospitalised.
  • The ward you choose determines the level of accommodation and meals you enjoy as well as the additional medical services (free choice of doctor, etc.) you are granted.
  • You are free to choose the hospital you want anywhere in Switzerland.
  • We even cover a substantial portion of the cost of hospital stays abroad.
  • An optional supplementary module offers you contributions towards convalescent therapies, household help and other supplementary benefits.

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