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Medical consultation service by phone - Medi24

The medical specialists at Medi24 are on call to answer your health questions and give you specific recommendations – competently, independently and free of charge.

Round-the-clock medical advice. Competent and free of charge.

Medi24 offers round-the-clock medical advice over the phone: Tel. 0800 100 008.

The medical specialists at Medi24 are on call to provide you with targeted and competent assistance on health issues. If you are insured with the Helsana Group, this service is provided free of charge. Medi24 is ideal for health advice outside regular doctors' surgery hours – and for guidance if you are ever unsure about whether you need to go to a doctor.

A few examples of how telephone health advice can help you:
Could my child have meningitis?

Five-year-old Livia has had a 38°C fever for two days. A friend of hers has been diagnosed with viral meningitis, but is well on the road to recovery. Her mother, Ms M, calls Medi24 to find out about the risk of her daughter having contracted it too. Medi24 asks the mother specific questions and tells her exactly what she needs to do: Livia is to stay at home and take medicine to reduce her temperature. Ms M has to monitor her daughter for the development of any alarming symptoms over the next 24 hours. If she does, she has to give Medi24 another call.

Bitten by a tick while out jogging: what next?

On Sunday, Mr F's girlfriend finds a tick on his back and removes it. Mr F is worried that he may have contracted Lyme disease and therefore calls Medi24. The first thing the medical advisor on the other end of the line does is ask whether the tick has been removed completely and then discusses the risk of infection. She instructs Mr F to keep a close eye on the area of skin over the coming week and to watch out for any early indications of a reddening patch around the site of the bite. In this case, Mr F is to contact Medi24 right away to discuss his treatment options.

Lumbago after moving

After picking up a moving box, 49-year-old Ms H feels a sudden pain in her lower back. Medi24 asks whether, in addition to the pain in her back, she is displaying any other symptoms, such as signs of paralysis in her leg. There are no such alarm bells, indicating that the pain is almost certainly due to over-exertion. Ms H is prescribed a pain reliever and advised to rest over the next few days.

Stomach ache after holiday abroad

After returning from their holidays, Mr and Ms S suffer from an upset stomach with diarrhoea but no fever. Worried that they have picked up a bug, Ms S calls Medi24. The medical advisor on the other end of the line asks for precise details about the symptoms and outlines possible complications. The couple is recommended to keep their diet light and to drink plenty of fluids. Although unlikely, the medical specialist tells the couple to watch out for any alarm bells such as a temperature or blood in their stools. Should any such symptoms occur, she explains, the couple are to call back.

Ear ache after a day spent skiing in Valais

Simon suddenly experiences a painful ear ache while at ski camp. Since he is determined to stay at the camp, he calls Medi24 instead of his parents. During the discussion the doctor leans that Simon has a cold. What has most likely happened is that pressure has built up in his ear while descending the mountain by cable car, which, due to his swollen mucous membranes caused by his cold, is not able to work its way out of the sensitive middle ear. The doctor recommends nasal drops and a painkiller from the camp's first aid box to ease his symptoms overnight. If the pain does not improve markedly, Simon is to call back the following morning. Medi24 will then be able to make arrangements for him to be seen by a local doctor.