Case Management – tackling health problems together

Are you suffering from an illness that is impacting your life? Are you also experiencing stress at work or at home, or having financial trouble? Our Case Managers are here to help.

Health problems often affect many different areas of our lives, from our home life to our job to our social life. There often remain unanswered questions about medical diagnoses, insurance and finances. This can be overwhelming and highly stressful.

Helsana’s case managers offer support and advice. Together, we will find the right solutions to help you get your life back on track.

You benefit from this free offer under compulsory basic insurance.

A gradual return to daily life

  • Analysing the issue
  • Goals and solutions
  • Mediation and coordination
  • Advice and support
  1. In an initial consultation, you will analyse your individual situation with your Case Manager.
  2. Together, you will set your personal goals and identify appropriate treatments or therapies. You will formulate possible solutions and discuss next steps.
  3. Helsana’s Case Management team will clarify insurance queries and act as a mediator between you and any doctors, therapists and employers involved.
  4. We provide advice and information about your entitlement to benefits. If desired, we will also accompany you to the relevant appointments, for example with social insurance providers.
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