Free consultations

Complementary medicine advice line

Our experts answer your questions on complementary medicine and help you receive treatment for your condition using alternative and complementary methods.

Before and during your complementary medical treatment, Helsana is there to help you. Get free advice by calling 0800 100 590. We help you to choose the appropriate therapy and to find a recognised doctor, naturopath or therapist who can treat you professionally. During the phone call, we highlight the options and the limitations of complementary medical treatment.

We answer your questions, such as:

  • Can my condition be treated using a complementary medicine method?
  • Is there an approved therapist in my vicinity who uses a method that is suitable for treating my condition?
  • Should I discuss my condition with a doctor?
  • What are the requirements for Helsana to reimburse the costs of a complementary medical treatment?


We advise you with the utmost care and on the basis of current knowledge. However, we can accept no liability as regards the advice being accurate or complete. In particular, we accept no liability for the services provided by therapists or doctors recommended by us.