Losing weight made easy

Losing weight healthily is a big challenge for many people. It’s easier with online nutrition counselling. The benefit for you: it can easily be integrated into your everyday routine.


Daniela Diener

For many people, losing weight and never gaining it again is just a dream. For those who can’t do it alone, there is help online. Online coaching provides plenty of exciting information about nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. Some coaching programmes also offer personal consulting tailored to your current needs. Online coaching can easily be integrated into your everyday routine.

Losing weight healthily – how does that work?

To lose weight over the long term it is important to have a balanced lifestyle. That means primarily having the right nutrition. Equally important are lots of exercise and avoiding stress. But how can you can achieve these lofty goals when life is so hectic?

Online coaching programmes such as the Helsana Coach app help answer these questions and provide valuable information in a a simple, concise and exciting way. They also give practical tips, for example by suggesting fitness programmes, light recipes and simple relaxation exercises. The benefit for you: the Coach app is available around-the-clock for valuable information and tips. For example, while going home on the train after work, you can look for light recipes or a relaxation session with just a few clicks.

Helsana Coach App

Personal nutrition counselling – offline and online

The Helsana Coach app provides a good basis for controlling weight. If you want to go deeper into the topic or are looking to get in touch with specialists, you can turn to a professional nutritionist. There are many options nowadays: you consult a nutritionist in person or a via the Internet. There is a wide selection of online programmes with certified nutritionists who can show you how to lose weight consistently yet enjoyably.

We recommend our certified nutritionist:

Under the motto “Together it’s easier” you can meet with other people with the same goals and motivate each other. You'll also be advised by trained coaches. Various online tools from Weight Watchers will also help you to reach your goal of losing weight.

Weight Watchers (in German)

With this online programme, you can consult doctors, physiotherapists and nutrition experts upon request for three, six or 12 months. You receive personalized menu and fitness plans along with healthy recipes. You can also keep a regular online journal. The goal is to lose a maximum of half a kilogramme per week.

eBalance (in German)

A qualified nutrition coach will work with you at a doctor’s surgery to create an individual programme to lose weight and then adapt it to your needs on an ongoing basis. You remain in regular contact with the coach between meetings with the Oviva app, which makes the consulting even more effective. This app enables you to record your diet and changes in your weight.

Oviva (in German)

mycoach is an innovative programme for changing your diet: nutrition specialists create a new menu every week that is tailored for you. You can cook the food yourself or have it delivered to you. In addition, there are checks and measurements at various locations as well as online coaching by a certified nutrition advisor.

mycoach was launched in 2020 and is also available as a practical app with additional features such as a symptom tracker. The Uplyfe app helps you achieve your health goals with a customised programme.

mycoach Uplyfe

With this association, you will find legally recognized nutritionists throughout Switzerland who can offer individual guidance on your weight-loss journey and help you to eat a healthy diet and balance your calorie intake in an enjoyable way.

Swiss Association of Nutritionists (SVDE) (in German)

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