Losing weight made easy

Losing weight the healthy way is a difficult challenge for many. It’s easier if you seek nutrition advice. In addition, you can collect Plus points with the Helsana+ app by taking this precaution.

Losing weight and never gaining it again: an unreachable dream for many. But those who can't manage on their own can ask for help from a professional dietitian: either during a personal consultation or via the internet. These days there are many online programmes with certified dietitians to choose from, all of which show you how you can consistently lose weight while still enjoying your meals. You can easily integrate these online programmes into your daily life. In addition to regular advice on healthy meals, you also get individual menu plans, tasty recipes for weight loss, exercise programmes and much more.

Collect Plus points with Helsana+

Losing weight with the help of our nutrition partners is doubly worthwhile for Helsana customers: you do something to benefit your health & are simultaneously rewarded with Plus points. You can convert these into cash payments & preferential offers.

We recommend our certified nutritional partners:

Weight Watchers

Under the motto “Live Life Fully”, you can meet up with others who have the same goal, and together you can motivate yourselves. You are also advised by trained coaches. Various online tools provided by Weight Watchers help you to achieve your goal of losing weight.


With this online programme, you receive advice from doctors, physiotherapists and dietitians upon request for three, six or twelve months. You receive personalised menu and exercise plans and healthy recipes and keep an online diary. The goal is to lose a maximum of half a kilogram per week.


A certified nutrition coach working in a doctor's practice prepares your individual weight-losing programme and then constantly adjusts this programme to your needs. Between meetings you remain in regular contact with your dietitian via the Oviva app, which makes the advice more effective. You also use this app to record your meals and track your weight.


mycoach is an innovative programme for changing the way you eat: nutrition specialists create weekly menus geared to your needs. You cook the menus yourself. Checks and measurements are done at various locations, and telephone coaching is provided by a certified dietitian.

Swiss Association of Registered Dietitians (SVDE)

Through this Association you can find registered dietitians anywhere in Switzerland who can provide you with personal support for your weight loss programme and help you to find a calorie balance while eating healthy and tasty meals.

Would you like to get a handle on your weight? We can help you! Ask for advice from one of our registered nutritional partners. We will cover part of the costs under the SANA and COMPLETA supplementary insurance policies.

Helsana's services

Helsana contributes 75% (up to CHF 200 per annum) towards the costs of ASDD and Weight Watchers course, eBalance.ch, Oviva and mycoach course under SANA and COMPLETA supplementary insurance. The costs of nutritional advice from the Swiss Association of Dieticians (SVDE) are assumed under basic health insurance in the event that an individual is very overweight (BMI over 30) with obesity-related diseases and is referred by their doctor.


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