Disability or death following an accident or illness

If someone becomes disabled or dies following a serious illness or accident, high costs are incurred. Children, adolescents, self-employed individuals and adults in charge of the household often have inadequate cover. PREVEA endowment insurance protects you and your family against the financial consequences and safeguards your future. For example, you can use the lump-sum benefit to pay for alterations in your house or apartment, professional integration measures or family care.

Benefits covered by the insurance

Sum insured
  • In the event of disability, you receive the sum insured based on your physical limitations, irrespective of how the injury affects your working life. In other words, your benefits depend on the medically recognised disability.
  • From the age of 70, you receive the lump sum in the form of a pension, with a maximum limit on the total sum of CHF 100,000 (higher sums insured are reduced accordingly upon reaching the age of 70).
  • In the event of death, your beneficiaries or surviving relatives receive the sum insured.
  • In addition, you receive benefits for property damage, medical aids, rescue, recovery, travel and transport costs, home nursing care and transport of human remains and burial costs.

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