CURA Long-Term Care Insurance supports you if you are dependent on long-term care. You receive contributions toward household help or nursing home costs and thus protect your assets if you need care.

  • Contributions towards household help ornursing home costs
  • Choice of preferred combination of waiting period and daily allowance

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With CURA Long-Term Care Insurance, you receive the following benefits in addition to those covered by basic insurance:

You receive contributions toward uncovered costs in a nursing home or toward household help if care is required.


Frequently asked questions

If you require long-term care in your old age, in the event of chronic illness or following an accident, compulsory basic insurance only contributes toward part of the healthcare costs. You must pay the uncovered costs, such as room and board (accommodation), if you need care.

If you require household help or care in a nursing home, you may have to dip into your own savings. Staying in a nursing home is expensive and can quickly eat up your saved assets. Sometimes, even other members of your family must contribute to the care costs.

It is therefore important to take out long-term care insurance at an early stage. This way, both your assets and your family's money are better protected. 

  • You have greater financial security if you require care – for an unlimited period of time.
  • You receive a daily allowance toward the cost of accommodation (room and board) in a nursing home or toward the cost of household help if you receive care in your own home.
  • You have the choice of various daily allowances (from CHF 10 to CHF 300 per day) and waiting periods (180, 360, 720 or 1,080 days) – depending on your needs and your budget.
  • Thanks to the financial contributions, your assets and those of your family are better protected if you require care. 

CURA is recommended for the following groups of people in particular:

  • People over the age of 50 who are keen to minimise risk and would like to protect their assets as well as easing the financial strain on their families.
  • Persons who want to be cared for at home when care is required.
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