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With wau-miau pet insurance from our partner ERV, you and your cat or dog will be perfectly protected. What benefits does wau-miau provide? What does pet insurance for cats or dogs cost? And is pet insurance worth it in the first place? Find answers to these and many other questions here.

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Cat and dog insurance: what’s covered?

Cat insurance or dog insurance makes vet visits less stressful: you no longer need to worry about your vet bill if you have insurance for your cat or dog. Whether it be illness or accident, wau-miau provides you and your pet with optimum protection. After your chosen excess has been deducted, wau-miau pet insurance covers the following costs:

  • Vet costs and medications
  • Surgery costs (e.g. neutering)
  • Diagnostic tests and radiological examinations

With wau-miau, you can choose between three benefits packages: Basic, Clever and Optima. This means you can arrange cover for complementary and alternative medicine, preventative measures, dental treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, plus hereditary and breed-specific illnesses, as desired.

Insurance for cats and dogs: costs

How much does pet insurance cost? There’s no clear answer to this question. When it comes to cat insurance, the cost depends on whether your pet is an indoor or an outdoor cat. The animal’s age is another key factor. The cost of dog insurance is also age-dependent, but the breed plays a role, too. In addition, the cost of both cat insurance and dog insurance is governed by the excess and benefits package you choose.

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Calculate your premium now

Is pet insurance worth it? One thing’s for sure: wau-miau protects you financially against the risk of rising veterinary treatment costs – so you can ensure that your four-legged friend always has the best medical care.

Looking for cat insurance for multiple cats, e.g. for two, three or four cats? Or are you after dog insurance for two dogs? In each case, you take out one insurance policy per pet with wau-miau.

wau-miau pet insurance also functions as cat insurance for older cats or dog insurance for older dogs. wau-miau covers cats and dogs aged three months and up. Once covered, your pet can remain insured by wau-miau for the rest of its life. A medical examination is required for pets aged six and above. 


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