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Co-payments are defined by the Federal Health Insurance Act. They are made up of the deductible you have chosen, the mandatory excess under the law and a hospital cost contribution.

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We can put together an insurance package for you made up of supplementary insurance that is tailored to your personal needs. Do you like going on long trips, for example? Then comprehensive travel cover is important for you. Or do you surf the Internet a lot? Then Internet legal expenses cover might be a good idea for you.

If you are employed by the same employer for at least eight hours a week, you are automatically insured for the treatment costs of both occupational and non-occupational accidents through them. You can therefore exclude accident cover from your compulsory basic insurance. This will reduce your basic insurance premiums by 7%. 

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Questions about premiums and policies

Children receive a discount on the basic insurance premium. The children’s discount ends on 1 January after their 18th birthday. This is prescribed by law and applies to all Swiss health insurers.

Young adults receive a discount on the basic insurance premium. The discount ends on 1 January after their 25th birthday. This is prescribed by law and applies to all Swiss health insurers.

Yes, as a Helsana Group customer you are able to use our online customer portal myHelsana. This means that you have the most important insurance data and documents to hand at all times, for example, benefit statements, policies or premium summaries. This does away with unnecessary paperwork.

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Questions about saving money

Alongside the minimum compulsory deductible of CHF 300 we offer the following annual deductibles for adults aged 18 and over: CHF 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500. The rule is: The higher the selected deductible, the lower your premium.

Consider this: if you draw medical benefits under your basic insurance, you will continue to pay these yourself until you reach the amount of the deductible you have selected. We contribute to any further costs after this point. You will therefore only save if your invoices for doctor's visits, hospital treatments and medications are significantly less within a calendar year than the amount of the deductible you chose – i.e. if you are in good health.

Legally under compulsory health insurance there is no mandatory deductible for children under 18. However, so that you also receive a discount on basic insurance for your children, we offer you an optional deductible of CHF 500 per calendar year.

Yes. With the telemedicine or GP model, you benefit from an attractive premium discount. Find out what this will be directly via our premium calculator.


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Questions about our products and services

Yes. Alongside civil and legal expenses insurance Helsana Advocare EXTRA offers Internet legal expenses cover. We cover you for up to CHF 1 million per legal case for legal fees, court and trial costs, expert opinions, mediation and court-awarded costs and security guarantees. The insurance covers contractual disputes (e.g. in the case of purchase contracts concluded via the Internet), disputes as a victim of credit card misuse, phishing and hacking (misuse of your account data), disputes in connection with cyberbullying, threats, extortion or blackmail, disputes relating to the infringement of copyright, name and trademark rights (e.g. unauthorised use of a photo).

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Yes. PRIMEO supplementary health insurance is private coverage for hospital treatment after which you return home on the same day. This means that you are free to select the doctor (e.g., head surgeon) and benefit from special comfort benefits in our partner clinics and further supplementary benefits.

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That depends on where you travel to. If you are travelling within the EU or in an EFTA country, all you need do is show your European health insurance card to receive emergency treatment from a doctor or in a hospital. Approval of the costs by us is generally not required. In other words, you will then be entitled to the same medical benefits in accordance with the law of the country you are in that you would have received if you were insured there. Basic insurance does not necessarily cover the full costs if you are travelling outside EU or EFTA countries. However, you can cover any gaps in your insurance through our supplementary insurance.

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