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PREVEA Accident and PREVEA Illness capital insurance

When someone is disabled or dies following an accident or serious illness, we have to cope not only with the tragic personal consequences but in many cases also with high costs. The flexible and inexpensive PREVEA capital insurance protects you and your loved ones against the financial consequences and safeguards your future. For example, you can use the lump-sum benefit to pay for alterations in your house or apartment, professional integration measures or family care.

Summary of the benefits:

  • The generous lump-sum benefit eases the burden on you and your family in the event of disability or death.
  • You can choose between various sums insured for disability and death, rising in increments of CHF 10,000.
  • The lump-sum benefit is paid out regardless of any other insurance cover you may have.
  • You pay attractive monthly premiums rather than high annual premiums.
  • You make no long-term commitment and can cancel the insurance at any time and with no financial penalties.

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