Enterprise solution for large companies

For companies employing many hundreds of employees, absences due to illness or accident are part of everyday operations. Your company therefore has established processes into which we fit into – with discretion and efficiency. We protect your company with our far-sighted insurance solutions and strong supplementary insurance benefits.


We'll analyse your situation and your needs and sit down with you to work out the best possible solution together.

Benefits for your company

Tried and tested solutions from specialists

You can rely on a partner that is itself a large company with thousands of employees, and so is well acquainted with your requirements. That means you not only benefit from solutions tailored to fit individual needs, but can also fall back on a wide range of well-established standard Helsana products if need be.

Putting people first

As a responsible employer, you want to know that your staff are in good hands. We make sure they're not just covered by insurance, but also get the best possible care. Our network and know-how enable us to accompany them every step of the way.

International experts

In a networked, globalised labour market, we're known as specialists for cross-border commuters and expats. We can devise solutions for exceptional cases through our International Competence Centre.

Thinking about future generations

Businesses, too, are being affected by demographic change. A shortage of new recruits and the threat of an ageing workforce present challenges that more and more firms will have to deal with in the future. Our experienced health managers will be happy to advise you about this and find ways of coping better with generation management issues.

A partnership for health

In that case, you'll benefit from our know-how and network as the leading health insurer in Switzerland. Our status is not only reflected in the professional and prompt way in which we handle cases, but also in the fact that we never lose sight of the human dimension.

Being your partner makes us, of course, your employees' partner too. Our common goal is to get employees who've been ill or have had an accident back to work for good – and quickly.

We also have methods of reducing absences in your business and the tools to support them. We're keen to help you with case management, in promoting workplace health and with the management of absences. Day in and day out, we look after the health of over a million people; that's why we're a competent partner for you, too, in everything related to occupational health in your business.

Our offer

With Helsana, you can cover your business and your employees against the costs incurred when an employee falls ill or has an accident. There are also additional services available which round out the offering.


Taking out daily sickness benefits insurance is voluntary. You are, however, obliged to carry on paying the wages of any employees who have fallen ill or are pregnant. How long this obligation lasts depends on seniority and region. Helsana Business Salary daily sickness allowance insurance takes over from you the obligation to continue paying wages up to the point where social insurance starts paying out. That means your employees are better off, while you, the employer, benefit from the calculability of the costs involved.

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Compulsory accident insurance

Compulsory accident insurance (UVG) gives you and your employees the legally required minimum of protection against the financial consequences of an accident or occupational illness. The benefits cover the treatment of those affected as an outpatient or as an inpatient in a general ward in hospital. The insurance also starts paying 80% of their salary starting on the third day after the accident. The maximum salary that can be insured is CHF 148,200. And over the long term, the insurance also covers pensions amounting to 80% of an employee’s insured salary.

Supplementary accident insurance

By taking out supplementary accident insurance, you can give any employees who have fallen ill or had an accident more support than the law requires – not only by continuing to pay them their full salary, but also by enabling them to be treated in a semi-private or private hospital ward or arranging for the paying out of lump sums in the event of disability or death. The choice of benefits is entirely yours, and you can also combine them as you wish.

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Occupational health management

Helsana Business Health gives you comprehensive and systematic occupational health management. Raise the awareness of your managers and employees on issues concerning health in the workplace. Together with your personal health manager, you can analyse the situation at your company, define appropriate measures, implement them and then evaluate their effectiveness.

There is a comprehensive suite of training programmes available for your managers and employees as well as our online tools which can be used to sustainably implement your occupational health management.

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Preventive Case Management

Work-related stress, problems in your personal life or financial difficulties – all these are factors that may affect your well-being and health sooner or later. If recognised too late, they can lead to serious illness and incapacity to work. As an employer, you can offer your employees early support through preventive Case Management (PCM) from Helsana. A Helsana Case Manager will support your employees throughout the entire process.

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Case Management

Our Helsana Case Management actively supports you in reintegrating sick and injured persons into the workforce. After you have notified us of the illness and we have carried out the first assessment, we do everything we can to make sure that injured or sick employees can recover and return to work as soon as possible.

In this regard, early detection of the course of the illness or injury is very important. This is where we rely on our competent case managers who, thanks to their many years of experience, can detect at an early stage when sick or injured people need our help. We discuss the situation with the affected employee and join forces with you and the doctors to find future opportunities of deployment. The case manager coordinates contact between all the units involved.

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