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HOSPITAL EXTRA hospital daily allowance insurance

With HOSPITAL EXTRA hospital daily allowance insurance you receive a certain selectable amount for each day you stay at hospital – referred to as a hospital allowance. You can use this, for example, to pay for household help or child care or to compensate for loss of salary. This lets you focus on getting better in hospital rather than worry about money.

Hospital daily allowance to finance additional personal costs that can result from a hospital stay.

Insurance benefits

The following insurance benefits in addition to those provided under statutory basic insurance are provided by hospital daily allowance insurance HOSPITAL EXTRA:

Daily hospital allowance Agreed daily benefits

If it has been confirmed that you need to be treated in hospital, you will receive, for each day of hospitalisation (including the days on which you are admitted and discharged) up to a maximum of 30 days per calendar year, the contractually agreed daily allowance, which you can use at your full discretion (without any obligation to show how you have spent it) .


  • You must be an inpatient at a hospital that is on a cantonal list of hospitals or on our list of KVG contract hospitals.
What does basic insurance cover?

Costs are not covered by basic insurance. Patients have to pay any private financial consequences and additional expenses that result from a hospital stay.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about HOSPITAL EXTRA hospital daily allowance insurance:

Why do I need supplementary hospital insurance?

Supplementary hospital insurance allows you to enhance your basic hospital insurance cover for inpatient treatment with benefits of your choice.

Basic insurance covers only the cost of accommodation and medical treatment in a general ward (multi-bed room) in line with the rates in your canton of residence. You have to pay for anything in excess of that yourself, e.g. additional benefits for greater comfort, care or free choice of doctor/hospital – precisely the things that can make a stay in hospital considerably more pleasant.

Do I have to provide evidence of how I use the hospital allowance?

No such proof is not needed. You are free to dispose of the hospital daily allowance that is paid out as you see fit.

Who can take out this insurance?

You can take out this insurance if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have your official place of residence in Switzerland.
  • You are under the age of 70 when you take out the policy.
  • We accept your application. For the purposes of risk assessment, we require you to fill in a health declaration.
How and when can I terminate the insurance?
  • The minimum term is one year.
  • The contract is automatically renewed each year on the expiry date for a further year.
  • You can terminate the policy on 31 December of each year, subject to three months' notice.
  • If the premium is adjusted, a shortened notice period of one month applies.

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Is there a waiting period?

The waiting period is the period between the date on which the insurance cover under your policy begins and the date from which you can claim benefits.

  • For maternity benefits, there is a waiting period of 365 days. That means you cannot claim these benefits before the end of the first insurance year.
  • However, you are covered from the start of insurance for benefits paid as a result of illness or accident.
Is there a discount? How can I save on premiums?

For two or more family members insured under the same contract, we grant a family discount of 5% on this and other supplementary insurance; for three or more insured family members, the discount is 10%.

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Subject to certain conditions, children under the age of 18 can receive 50% of this and other supplementary insurances in the first year.

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