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The Swiss health insurance for immigrants

As one of the leading health insurers in Switzerland, we offer you maximum security at an affordable price.

Einwanderung in die Schweiz The package below is our recommendation for the best possible health insurance cover in Switzerland.

Our offer for immigrants:

Compulsory basic insurance

For those coming to live in Switzerland we recommend the standard statutory option for compulsory basic insurance, BASIS.

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Supplementary outpatient benefits

Switzerland has an excellent healthcare system. Nonetheless, you may want to continue consulting your doctor in your home country. A doctor's appointment (for gynaecological care, for example) can easily be combined with a visit back home. If this appeals to you, you should choose the supplementary health insurance COMPLETA.This allows you to have outpatient treatment abroad (for example treatment from a private doctor in Germany), with reimbursement of 90% of your costs up to a maximum of CHF 1,000 annually.

COMPLETA also offers you a variety of other benefits. For example, we cover up to CHF 300 annually for glasses and contact lenses and also pay generous contributions towards alternative treatment methods.

And not only in Switzerland – there are also therapists with EMR certification in neighbouring countries. EMR is the quality label for therapists engaged in empirical medicine, and EMR certification is a prerequisite for the costs of the therapy to be reimbursed by a health insurer in the Helsana Group (Helsana or Progrès).

Supplementary inpatient benefits

If you wish to have a particular in-patient treatment carried out abroad (for example in your home country), you should also consider taking out supplementary hospital insurance. HOSPITAL ECO pays up to CHF 500 per day for a maximum of 60 days in any calendar year for planned inpatient stays abroad.

Emergency hospitalisation in EU/EFTA countries is covered by the basic insurance on presentation of your European Health Insurance Card (on the reverse of your Swiss health insurance card). However, this only covers the statutory benefits in each country. All costs in excess of this, such as for a higher standard of accommodation in hospital, must be paid for by you. That's why it's a good idea to take out a HOSPITAL ECO policy for these purposes too. The CHF 500 per day in hospital is normally enough to pay for a single-bed room and sometimes for private medical treatment as well.

If you require hospital treatment outside the EU/EFTA, the basic insurance reimburses the costs up to double the amount that the same treatment would cost in Switzerland. However, in some countries (e.g. the USA, Canada or Japan), this is far less than what you will be expected to pay, A supplementary hospital insurance gives you added security for this eventuality too.

Dental treatment

Did you know that the statutory health insurance in Switzerland – unlike in Germany, for example – only covers accident-related damage to your teeth? Except in a few very rare cases, all other dental treatment must be paid for out of your own pocket. DENTAplus dental insurance also covers the cost of damage to your teeth as a result of illness, preventive check-ups and dental hygiene as well as orthodontic treatment (e.g. braces).

Moreover, DENTAplus covers you worldwide! You can continue to receive dental treatment in your dental practice in your home country or, for example, visit a dentist in Hungary. The condition for cover is that the dentist has equivalent qualifications to those of Swiss dentists and the treatment does not cost more than in Switzerland.

Legal expenses insurance

Different countries have different ways of doing things. What is perfectly legal in one country may be against the law in another. Many migrants to Switzerland are often not yet familiar with our legal system. Helsana Advocare PLUS offers you personal and motorists' legal protection. You benefit from legal advice and representation in the event of legal problems relating to civil or motoring matters. You have a free choice of lawyer if you need to contact one. We also cover legal costs up to CHF 300,000 per case, e.g. for lawyers' fees, court and trial fees, expert opinions and court-awarded costs and compensation.

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