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Baby Package: our baby insurance for newborns

Babies have specific needs – not least where insurance cover is concerned. That's why we've put together a special baby insurance.

Baby Package

The Baby Package contains compulsory healthcare insurance and the most important supplementary insurances and provides comprehensive protection in the event of accident or illness.

Key benefits at a glance:

Free choice of doctor

Do you want to always decide which doctor you see and to look for a specialist yourself if you need one? Then you should choose the BASIS standard option basic insurance for your baby.

Of course you can select an alternative insurance model for your baby’s basic insurance, such as the Telmed or general practitioner model. Although this means you will no longer be free to choose any doctor.

Free choice of hospital
Our HOSPITAL ECO supplementary hospital insurance, which offers a choice of hospitals throughout Switzerland, gives you peace of mind knowing you can have your child treated at any hospital outside of your home canton. It covers the hospital costs that basic insurance does not for a stay in the general ward.
Complementary medicine

We like to use gentle medicine for our children. Basic insurance only pays for a handful of different therapies though.

Purchasing our COMPLETA supplementary insurance lets you choose from many more methods, such as shiatsu, osteopathy, kinesiology, bach flower therapy or craniosacral therapy.

Coverage abroad
Thanks to the global coverage abroad from COMPLETA supplementary insurance, you can travel to other countries with your baby without worry. In case something should happen, we will pay the costs for the outpatient and inpatient emergency treatments, transportation and rescue as well as repatriation to Switzerland.
Braces, cavities & co.

Braces often cost several thousand francs and are not covered by basic insurance! Our COMPLETA supplementary insurance covers 75% of the costs up to CHF 10,000 per year.

DENTAplus Bronze dental insurance also contributes towards dental treatments such as fillings for cavities, extracting wisdom teeth or check-ups, including dental hygiene.

Legal expenses cover

The civil legal and legal expenses protection under our Helsana Advocare PLUS legal expenses insurance is the optimum supplementary insurance for legal expenses cover in health matters and for travel abroad, which is included in COMPLETA supplementary insurance.

Helsana Advocare PLUS is free for your child up to age 18.

Disability cover
Accidents that result in a disability are particularly tragic when they happen to children. PREVEA Accident capital insurance helps you take care of the financial consequences of disability in order to provide a better future for your child.

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Optimal cover right from birth:

Take out the Baby Package or some of its individual components before your baby is born to enjoy the following benefits:

No health check

Your baby ist guaranteed to be accepted into all desired supplementary insurance from the Baby Package. The usual health check is omitted.

This is a real advantage if your baby is born sick, as it will then need good protection the most. Taking out supplementary insurance at this stage is often no longer possible elsewhere, because your child may fail the risk assessment.

Security from the first minute

Your baby is insured from the moment it is born, even if it is born prematurely.

Don't wait to submit the application documents until shortly before the end of pregnancy.

One year free

If you take out the hospital and dental insurance from the Baby Package, your baby will be insured for free during the first year.

Plus, for the first two months you also receive PREVEA for free – capital insurance in the event of death or disability as the result of an accident.

Good to know

You can also choose certain individual components from the Baby Package, and then after the baby comes, add on to the policy or upgrade (such as to the private ward).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I insure my baby even before the birth?

The advantage of taking out insurance before the birth is that you can give your newborn optimum supplementary protection from the very first minute of life – easily and with no risk assessment. Registering before the birth means that even children who come into the world with complications have comprehensive insurance cover.

If you only sign up after the birth, a risk assessment must first be carried out before you can take out supplementary insurance. If there is an existing illness, there is a risk that your application will be turned down.

How can I insure my baby semi-privately or privately?

You can take out the hospital insurance included in the Baby Package, which provides an unrestricted choice of hospital across Switzerland on a general ward (HOSPITAL ECO), before the birth without the need for a health check.

However, you can only apply for semi-private (HOSPITAL Semi-private) or private (HOSPITAL Private) hospital insurance once your baby has been born. To do this, you will need to fill in a questionnaire about your baby's health. Once our specialists have checked your answers, we can let you know whether your request has been accepted or not.

To be on the safe side, take out HOSPITAL ECO before the birth and apply for an insurance upgrade to semi-private or private hospital insurance once your baby has been born. If this is not possible because of an existing illness, your baby will still have very good supplementary benefits.

Do I have to fill in a health declaration?

If you register before the birth, we will not carry out a health check – your baby is guaranteed to be accepted for any supplementary insurance included in the Baby Package you wish.

You can only apply for supplementary insurance that is not included in the Baby Package once your baby has been born. You will also need to fill in a questionnaire about your baby's health to do this. Once our specialists have checked your answers, we can let you know whether your request has been accepted or not.

Can I take out Helsana insurance just for my child?

Of course, you can insure just your baby with us and keep your own health insurance with your current provider.

However, if you insure other family members with us, you will receive a generous family discount off any supplementary insurances you take out. We would be very happy to provide you with a completely non-binding family quote which includes all discounts and savings options available to you.

What discounts does Helsana offer to families?

If you're a family of two or more living in the same household, you'll receive a 5% family discount on supplementary insurance. For three or more, you'll receive a 10% family discount. Your baby also benefits from the family discount if you include it in your family policy.

Your third child and any further children after that under the age of 18 also receive a huge 90% discount off children's premiums for basic insurance. This is on the condition that at least two other minors are insured (basic compulsory insurance) on the same family policy.

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