If you experience health problems, you should always phone the free Medi24 medical advice hotline: 0800 773 633. They will provide you with non-binding advice. This allows you to avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor and save 8% on health insurance premiums.

  • Free non-binding advice
  • Medical support around the clock
  • 8% discount on your insurance premium

How PREMED-24 works

Whether treatment, referral to a specialist or admission to hospital, the Medi24 medical advice hotline is your first port of call. The suggested treatment is only a recommendation. You should decide for yourself how you wish to proceed.
  • Illness or accident
  • Medical advice hotline
  • Further treatment

Emergency: in an emergency, always go directly to an emergency doctor or a hospital.

  • Emergency
  • Emergency doctor or hospital

Please note: You must subsequently inform the telemedicine health care of any such emergencies.

Insured benefits

The benefits are the same for all basic insurance models. With the PREMED-24 insurance model, we will reimburse you the following benefits after deduction of the statutory co-payment (deductible/excess/hospital cost contribution).

You receive the costs of a stay, care and treatment in a general ward (multi-bed room).

In an emergency, you will receive the respective social tariff schedule in the EU/EFTA country. In all other countries, we will cover a maximum of twice the amount insured in Switzerland.

You receive 50% of the costs for transport, up to CHF 500 per calendar year. We will reimburse 50% of the costs for rescue operations, up to CHF 5,000 per calendar year.

You receive the costs of medically prescribed medication on the specialities list.

If several pharmaceuticals are listed with the same combination of active ingredients, the excess can amount to 20%.

Specialities list (SL)

You receive the costs according to the tariff of the recognised specialist for the whole of Switzerland.

You receive the costs according to the tariff of the recognised specialist for the whole of Switzerland

You receive the costs for certain preventive examinations and measures.

You receive the costs of medically prescribed aids and apparatus up to the maximum amount specified by law.

You receive the costs of examinations and birth preparation measures.

You receive contributions towards the costs for care at home (Spitex) and in a nursing home.

You receive CHF 10 per day for balneotherapy at recognised therapeutic spas in Switzerland.


Frequently asked questions

Under the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG), health insurance is compulsory for anyone living in Switzerland. It provides basic medical care in the event of illness, accidents and maternity.

The scope of benefits it covers is regulated by law. This means you receive exactly the same benefits from every health insurer in Switzerland.

An initial medical consultation by phone is available round the clock, 365 days a year. At the same time, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • The advice is free for you (connection charges may be incurred, depending on your phone provider).
  • You avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor.
  • The initial medical assessment does not entail any obligation for you. You get to decide how you wish to proceed.
  • You receive a discount of 8% on your basic insurance premium. 

Good to know: The Medi24 medical advice team also provides you with digital support with acute medical concerns. Use services like the symptom checker easily and conveniently via the myHelsana client portal.

Yes. After you have received an initial assessment by phone from the PREMED-24 advice hotline, you can then make an appointment with a doctor of your choice, if necessary.

However, many health questions can already be resolved over the phone, often making a visit to the doctor unnecessary.

When you opt for the PREMED-24 advice hotline model, you agree to always first get an initial phone consultation in the event of a health problem. If you then still need to see a specialist, you can make an appointment with a doctor of your choice.

If you consult a specialist directly without having called the advice hotline, you are breaching your obligations under this alternative basic insurance model. As a result, Helsana may switch you to the standard model of basic insurance. This will result in you losing the discount on your basic insurance premium associated with the advice hotline model.

In general, calls to the Medi24 medical advice telephone number are free of charge. Connection charges may, however, be incurred depending on your phone provider.

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Other models under basic insurance

Helsana offers basic insurance as a standard version as well as three alternative models. The benefits are the same for all models.

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You have a free choice of doctor at all times.

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