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Stress isn’t always a bad thing: it spurs us on to do our best and releases endorphins. But it can also be overwhelming and make people ill. When does stress become a burden? How do we recognise stress symptoms and stay calm in difficult situations?

Stress – fight or flight

Not feeling equipped for a situation can trigger stress. We become unsettled, breathe faster, get tunnel vision. Our body still responds with the same stress symptoms as it did in the Stone Age: when it senses danger, it prepares us for fight or flight, even if we rarely need to flee or fight. Once we start to identify how our body reacts, we can learn to deal with stress properly.

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The consequences of stress

Maintaining balance isn't always easy in life. There are ups and downs. Stresses are part of everyday life. But if they go on for too long, they can make us ill. Consequences of stress include burnout, depression, cardiovascular diseases or a weakened immune system. Take the warning signs seriously and boost your resilience.

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