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How emotions arise, where our body holds them and why food is always good for the soul: find answers to these questions and other interesting facts in our Ratgeber magazine.

Emotions take us further than we think

How many emotions do we humans feel? Is it 7, 20 or even 27 emotions? Researchers’ opinions differ on this, but if you try to imagine a life without emotions, human existence would certainly be eerily grey, empty and devoid of any meaning. Our ability to feel is a key part of our personality.

Why we feel, what emotional intelligence and empathy are, and which superfoods boost mental health: read this edition of Ratgeber to find out more.

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What constitutes ideal emotional behaviour?

Our emotional reactions are linked to our genes, but also to our previous experiences. Psychologist Andrea Samson conducts research into emotions and emotional regulation. She says: “Being emotionally well-adjusted is of elementary importance to our health.” According to her, it may help to better understand your emotions, to expand your strategies, but also to recognise your limits. “It pays to have a little humour – and to address problems and attempt to solve them.”

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