Ratgeber Depression

Depression is the most common mental disorder. What causes depression and how is it treated? Why the condition is still a taboo subject, how to more easily identify the signs of depression and where you can get help.

The invisible burden

Depressed, sad, listless: we’ve all felt that way at some point. But depression is more than that: people suffering from depression experience low moods that can last for months. Triggers often include repeated exposure to stressful situations, experiences of debasement, humiliation or the loss of a loved one. Depression can be cured. The earlier it is identified and treated, the more successful the recovery.

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A taboo subject that shouldn’t be one

Severe depression isn’t just a mental disorder, it’s an organic illness too. It affects the brain most. Twenty-five per cent of the Swiss population are likely to suffer from depression at least once in their lives. But most of those affected find it difficult to talk about the state of their mental health. Depression is a subject that should be taken seriously. Here, the burden is on all of us to stay alert, check in on people and listen patiently. 

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