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Pain has a variety of causes. Headaches, for example, can occur owing to poor posture, as a result of an accident or as an expression of emotional stress. Different types of pain not only feel different, they have to be treated in different ways. The pain guide addresses the important considerations when dealing with pain.

Chronic pain

If pain becomes chronic, it can place an enormous strain on the individual. This makes it all the more important to better understand chronic pain and find ways to cope with it. Pain specialist Tim Reck explains what our brain has to do with chronic pain and which approach can make a difference in many cases.

The Helsana Ratgeber magazine

The Ratgeber magazine is published twice a year on a specific topic. Each issue centres around background knowledge, tips and inspiration. The articles are straightforward and feature attractive illustrations. All the content is created in collaboration with specialists and experts.

Please note: Ratgeber is not available in English, but in German, French and Italian.

Pain disorders

Migraine, osteoarthritis, back pain or neuropathic pain: different medications and forms of treatment are employed, depending on the particular pain disorder and the type of pain. People who are in constant pain give up hope of being able to do anything about their condition, but there are often ways to improve how many pain syndromes are tackled, to deal with them more autonomously – and thus, ideally, to alleviate the pain as well.

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