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Our bodies have more than 640 skeletal muscles. This guide will tell you what muscles there are, what they are for and how we can keep them strong and healthy.

Muscles – our largest metabolic organ

If you have healthy muscles, you should count yourself lucky. Because nothing works if your muscles don’t. We don’t appreciate just how important they are until they start to hurt. How can we make sure this doesn’t happen? What can we do if they are already sore? And why does muscle mass help us burn calories? Here are some tips for healthy muscles that won’t cause you any stress.

The Helsana Ratgeber magazine

The Ratgeber magazine is published twice a year on a specific topic. Each issue centres around background knowledge, tips and inspiration. The articles are straightforward and feature attractive illustrations. All the content is created in collaboration with specialists and experts.

Please note: Ratgeber is not available in English, but in German, French and Italian.

The fascinating world of muscles

We have many different types of muscles. Some we can see, some we can’t. Some we can control at will, some we can’t. But one thing is for sure: all of our muscles serve vital functions. We take care of them by doing enough exercise and eating healthily.

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