Ratgeber: The heart

How do we keep our hearts healthy? And how do I recognise typical signs of heart valve disease, arrhythmias or heart failure? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this issue of Ratgeber.

Blood pressure, stents and heart disease

A heart attack is always an emergency. If you do not react quickly enough, heart muscle cells die off. But what are the symptoms of a heart attack? What do you do in an emergency? Why a cardiac massage can save a life, when a stent or bypass is a good option, and when a heart transplant might be considered. Also learn what your stressors are – after all, stress puts strain on the heart and is reinforced by negative thoughts. 

The Helsana Ratgeber magazine

The Ratgeber magazine is published twice a year on a specific topic. Each issue centres around background knowledge, tips and inspiration. The articles are straightforward and feature attractive illustrations. All the content is created in collaboration with specialists and experts.

Please note: Ratgeber is not available in English, but in German, French and Italian.

It is good for the heart

Even if you exercise just a little bit more as part of your daily routine, this will already have a positive effect on the health of your heart, because exercise helps to keep your blood pressure within a healthy range. Physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. The same goes for your diet: find out what foods are good for the heart here.

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