SME tools for occupational health management

As an SME, the size of your company puts you in close proximity to your employees. You can help create a healthy work environment in a variety of ways. This is a valuable starting point, because workplace health promotion has all kinds of benefits and doesn’t need to cost a lot. Find out how you can benefit from our free tools.

Analyse the work environment

How are your employees doing? What are their working conditions like? What can be improved? The following services can help you analyse health and performance at your company.

StayEngaged – the online tool for comprehensive employee surveys

The results of this analysis form the basis for the three steps “define measures”, “implement measures” and “evaluate effectiveness”. Repeat these steps together with your employees and promote lasting progress at your company.

Identify pressures early on

Have you recently been worried about a particular person at your SME? Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open, seek dialogue early on and call in expert help if needed. Acting in good time enables you to defuse the situation and prevent absences from work. How to proceed? The following tools can help you, step by step:

Do you have a specific concern? Our Preventive Case Management provides advice and support for you and your employees.

Preventive Case Management Arrange a consultation

Set an example and look after your own health

Don’t just create a healthy environment – be a good example, too. We would be happy to help you and your employees take responsibility for your own health. Try the energy balance exercise now.

Reduce stress

How do I handle time pressure? How can I reconcile all the work I have to do with my family life? A quarter of all employees in Switzerland complain of high pressure – so you should also turn your attention to the topic of stress. The following checklists can help you and your employees to do this:

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The SME tools form part of Helsana Business Health, our comprehensive service for occupational health management.

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