The employee survey tool provides companies with a comprehensive analysis of health and performance-related issues.

Appreciation, opportunities to have a say, equal opportunities, time pressure and interruptions; these are all factors that affect the health and performance of your employees and thus also the performance of your company.

With StayEngaged, we analyse health and performance-related issues in a holistic manner. Based on the results, your health manager works together with you and your employees to define key areas of action and measures to improve occupational health.

StayEngaged – new features

  • The survey is flexible and can be structured according to the specific needs of your company.
  • Dive deeper into issues such as work/life balance with the new module on diversity and inclusion.
  • The revamped individual feedback offers specific tips to motivate employees to actively promote their own health.

6 reasons why StayEngaged is a good idea for your company:

The survey is based on a holistic model for health and performance and has been statistically validated.

Employees can answer the survey in less than 15 minutes on their computer, tablet or mobile phone. It covers the following issues, depending on your needs: resources at work, stressors at work, management, corporate culture, individual health, diversity & inclusion and sustainable performance.

The survey is available in nine languages. Individual feedback with specific tips motivates your employees to actively promote their own health.

The tool enables a detailed presentation of the results and a comparison with prior-year figures, as well as a representative benchmark.

With supplementary modules on topics such as collaboration and work/life balance, you can explore specific issues in greater depth and expand individual questions according to your needs.

With recurring analyses and activities, you make a long-term commitment and contribution to health in the company.

StayEngaged is part of Helsana's Business Health service - We offer all-round occupational health management.

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