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From birth to the retirement home, various challenges may await you at each stage in life. We’re by your side for each of them. Are you expecting your first baby? Is your child ill? Are you caring for a relative? You can find information here.


Discomfort during pregnancy: from acid reflux to nausea
Most women experience physical discomfort during pregnancy. Tried and tested home remedies help with these.
February 23, 2021 4 minutes

What to eat during pregnancy
Which foods are best for your unborn child? We’ll explain what to keep in mind when you’re expecting.
March 3, 2021 4 minutes

Postpartum depression: feeling low after birth
Postpartum depression is widespread. We’re going to explain the most common triggers, symptoms and treatments.
July 1, 2022 7 minutes

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Daily routine with your baby
The first few weeks with a baby are exciting. It takes time for everything to fall into place. Here are tips on sleeping, feeding & dressing your baby.
March 29, 2021 4 minutes

Childhood illnesses
Nearly all children get one or more of the typical childhood illnesses. An overview of symptoms, treatments and tested home remedies.
February 13, 2017 5 minutes

Vaccinations for babies and small children
When your baby is 2 months old, you have to decide whether to vaccinate or not. Here is an overview of the basic vaccines recommended by the FOPH.
March 29, 2021 2 minutes

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Old age

Living will explained
Illness? Accident? A living will sets out your wishes in the event that you lose mental capacity. We provide tips.
April 20, 2023 5 minutes

What causes depression in the elderly?
Depression in the elderly is often difficult to recognise at first. It is therefore all the more important to pay attention to potential symptoms.
October 28, 2021 3 minutes

How to minimise the risk of falls
As we become older, we are more likely to fall, which can have a devastating impact. Preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk.
February 13, 2017 2 minutes

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