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  • Are you expecting a baby? We are here for you.

    Our advisors assist you in finding the right insurance cover for you and your child, so that you are properly insured right from the start of your life as a family.

    You have a baby on the way – congratulations! From experience, we know that a new baby will turn your life upside down. You have to reorganise your everyday life, child-proof your home, find a paediatrician, and plan child-care and insurance for the family. So many questions! Why should you insure your baby before they are born? Do you need supplementary insurance to cover certain benefits for your child? Our team of advisors will be happy to answer your questions about basic and supplementary insurance for you and your child.

    • Insurance cover for the whole family

    • Experienced advisors support you

    • Information on pregnancy and childbirth

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    Insurance package for newborns

    Babies have specific needs – not least where insurance cover is concerned. In addition to basic insurance, the Baby Package includes key supplementary insurance and offers comprehensive cover in case of illness and accident.

    • Basic and supplementary insurance in one package
    • Can be taken out before the child is born, and without a medical examination
    • Your baby is optimally insured from the moment they are born
    To Baby Package

    All you need to know about childbirth and your baby

    Birth preparation and birth: tips for the big day.

    It is important to remember that good nutrition is essential for the development of your unborn child.

    Mann umarmt schwangere Frau

    Is there a risk that your child will inherit a genetic disease? Antenatal examinations will tell you more.