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Thank you for visiting our website. Please find below information on certain legal issues and on our security standards. The information contained on our website is subject to the following provisions

The purpose of our website is to provide information on our company, its services and its products. It does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law. For binding information on our products and services, please refer to our insurance offers, policies, and to the general and specific terms and conditions of insurance.


All pages on this website have been compiled with the utmost care and to the best of our knowledge. Our employees review and update them continuously. We cannot, however, guarantee that all the information given is complete and correct. We reserve the right to add to our website, and to modify or delete specific items of information at any time. For binding information on our products and services, please refer to our insurance offers, our policies and our general and specific terms and conditions of insurance.


We want to enable our customers and partners to use the information on our website safely and securely. We are aware that our customers attach great importance to security when transferring data across the Internet. First and foremost, we undertake to protect all confidential, personal information by deploying elaborate, state-of-the-art encryption methods and procedures. For this reason, we recommend that you use 128-bit encryption technology when engaging in any dialogue with us via the Internet. This technology guarantees optimum protection of confidential data during transfer via the Internet.


As health insurers, we are subject to particularly stringent data-protection regulations as we are party to detailed information on the state of your health, i.e. particularly sensitive personal data. All staff are duty bound to maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to data concerning your person.


You use the Internet at your own risk. This applies equally to e-mails and to links that lead you to the Helsana website or to the links we offer you. We cannot accept any liability whatsoever for direct or indirect prejudice suffered by website users or third parties through any contacts or transactions established via the Internet. Liability is excluded in particular for transmission errors, technical defects, faults or interruptions of the telephone network, illegal interference with network facilities, infection with viruses, copying and falsification of data and contents, network overload, failure to detect falsifications, possible lack of authorisation and blockage of electronic access by third parties, etc.

The website of the Helsana Group contains links to third-party websites. The respective operators are responsible for the content of linked websites. The Helsana Group can exert influence neither on the present and future design, nor on the contents of linked pages. Further, any links do not infer that the Helsana Group necessarily agrees with the content of the relevant sites.

The Helsana Group regularly examines the content of linked websites to identify legal breaches and to verify topicality. However, Helsana is unable to monitor the content of such websites continuously. As such, the Helsana Group cannot accept liability for unlawful content or items of information on linked websites that do not correspond to the state of the art. The moment we become aware of any dubious content on a linked website, we will remove the offending link without delay.

All rights reserved (text and images). Full or partial reproduction of the content of our website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without our prior written consent. This website is intended for private use only, as well as for information purposes.

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These legal provisions were issued on 7 August 2012.

Last amended in: September 2017

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