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Some treatments are unique and may or may not be available outside of Switzerland. We are there for you even at times such as these. But we can only help if certain quality standards are upheld, among other things.

Treatment of prostate cancer

The Martini-Klinik at the University Medical Center Hamburg (Eppendorf) is one of the world's leading centres for the treatment of prostate cancer. The treatment is based on the latest scientific research on prostate carcinoma. These operating techniques are much less damaging to nerves than other techniques, significantly reducing incontinence and erectile dysfunction problems.

Before your stay, we will contact the head physician at the clinic. You'll then have a consultation with the doctor at which you'll discuss the various treatment options. You are responsible for organising the trip yourself. After surgery, you will be treated as an inpatient at the Martini-Klinik. Once the acute phase is over, you will be put up for a few days at the Dorint Hotel in the immediate vicinity of the Martini-Klinik until your treatment programme is completed.

The following supplementary hospital insurance policies pay different daily benefit rates for planned inpatient treatment abroad: HOSPITAL ECO, HOSPITAL Semi-Private, HOSPITAL Private, HOSPITAL FLEX, HOSPITAL PLUS BONUS, HOSPITAL PLUS CLASSICA, HOSPITAL COMFORT BONUS and HOSPITAL COMFORT CLASSICA.

Good to know: We have negotiated a special agreement with the Martini-Klinik. The hospital insurance does not cover all the costs of treatment at the Martini-Klinik. The amount of your deductible will depend on which type of insurance you have.

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Free consultation for treatment abroad
058 340 59 45Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Swiss fixed network local rate / mobile rates according to provider)

Second opinion on tumour diseases

The National Center for Tumour Diseases (NCT) at the Heidelberg University Hospital specialises in the treatment of cancers of all types. The NCT works very closely with the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). The doctors are very knowledgeable about the latest innovative treatment options and are also directly involved in the development of new therapeutic approaches.

Policyholders suffering from tumour diseases can seek a second opinion from the NCT. You will discuss with a doctor the current findings and previous treatments. An interdisciplinary team of experts hold weekly meetings to discuss the tumour boards of individual patients. Afterwards you will receive a personalised treatment recommendation.

The following supplementary insurance policies pay different daily benefit rates for a second opinion: PRIMEO, COMPLETA.

Good to know: We have entered into a special agreement with the National Center for Tumour Diseases. Any applicable deductible will depend on the type of insurance you have.

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Treatment of chronic skin disorders

The Deutsches Medizinisches Zentrum (DMZ), located at the lowest point on the earth's surface (400 meters below sea level), offers highly specialised rehabilitation programmes for patients with chronic skin disease.

The unique climatic conditions are the focus of this therapy:

  • Sun: 330 sunny days a year; more UVA and less UVB radiation; reduced risk of sunburn
  • Sea: temperature about 30 °C; high salt content of water; important minerals; sulphur springs in combination with salt water from the Dead Sea
  • Air: dry; warm and hot; oxygen-rich; mineral-rich; low allergen concentrations

If you suffer from chronic skin disease (psoriasis, neurodermatitis or vitiligo) or psoriasis with joint involvement (psoriasis arthropathica) and have exhausted the treatment options in Switzerland, you have the option of undergoing a 3 or 4-week rehabilitative treatment at a facility on the Dead Sea.

We will then contact the DMZ. The team will inform and advise you on your treatment options and will organise your travel for you. At Tel Aviv airport you will be greeted by the local patient care service and taken to the Kurhotel Lot.

The following supplementary insurance covers your stay with Deutsches Medizinisches Zentrum (DMZ) on the Dead Sea after a cost approval is granted: PRIMEO

Good to know: We have entered into a special agreement with the Deutsches Medizinisches Zentrum (DMZ). Any applicable deductible depends on the limitations included in the supplementary insurance product. We would be pleased to discuss what costs are covered in your case directly with you.

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