Benefit statement

When you send us reimbursement documents for medical treatments or benefits such as medication and laboratory tests, we check the information, invoice the benefits and generate a benefit statement.

Example of a benefit statement

First page: Overview

The first page lists all family members and their co-payments (deductible and excess). You will also find information on processed invoices here. For payments due to you, the amount is shown in green; amounts payable by you are highlighted in red.

Second page: Detailed statement

On the second page, you will find the details of the invoices. The invoice amount is shown for each benefit provided (medical treatment, medication, etc.). Helsana's contribution and your contribution are shown in two separate columns. You can also see which insurance product is used to pay for the treatment. If we do not cover an amount in full, you will find the reason for this at the end of the statement.

First page of a benefit statement. Second page of a benefit statement.


Important information about your benefit statement

In Switzerland, every insured person contributes towards the costs of the medical benefits claimed under compulsory basic insurance, such as visits to the doctor, medication and hospital costs. This co-payment comprises the selected deductible and a 10% excess. The first page of your benefit statement shows your annual contribution, the amount you have already used and the amount remaining. 

Send us your reimbursement documents by post or digitally via the myHelsana client portal or the myHelsana app. We will check the invoices in accordance with the legal requirements and then reimburse you for the insured costs. 

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