Expert second opinion

There are times when two heads are better than one. Do you want a second opinion on your diagnosis or the treatment of a serious illness or accident? With special supplementary insurance, you benefit from direct access to renowned professors.

What's worth knowing about this topic? - Expert second opinion

Expert second opinion

When facing a serious illness such as cancer, for example, you can have your diagnosis and recommended treatment reviewed by a renowned professor. This expert, a leading Swiss specialist in the given field, assesses whether the treatment is in line with state-of-the-art medicine and meets your needs. With this second opinion, you can see more clearly and take serious and far-reaching decisions on the basis of better information.

Expert second opinion after an accident

As the leading Swiss trauma centre, the Trauma Surgery Clinic at the University Hospital Zurich specialises in the treatment of complex injuries. Following an accident, one of the clinic’s leading senior consultants can re-examine your injury and review your treatment. The renowned professors are experts in providing second opinions with regard to

  • Complications

  • Slow healing

  • Continuing pain.